U.S. Marine Corps by kylah bannon

The history of the U.S. marines goes back as far as 200 years. They were established July 11, 1789, but the founded date was November 10,1775. That is why we celebrate it on that day. Their first mission they went to the Bahamas and took 600 barrels of gun powder that they needed.Their first leader was Samuel Nicholas.
"In the nineteenth century, the United States Marine Corps adopted the famous motto, Semper Fidelis, which is latin for Always Faithful."( Marines Special Forces, Montana, page 9)
There are a bunch of requirements you they have to meet. They have to be 17-28, be a legal resident, pass physical exams, and have a high school diploma. If you want to be an officer you have to be 18-27, a U.S. citizen, pass physical exam, have a high school diploma, and a bachelors degree.
There are many Military Occupation Specialties (M.O.S.)you can do. There are so many roles like tank crew,aviation combat, pilot, landing support, and signal officer. Once you are up somewhere you can do anything you want on base and sometimes leave when you're not needed. They have everything you could ever think of on base. They have every sport, a swimming pool, a pool table, bowling, and way more and its free.

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