Athletic Info Coach Contacts, Expectations, Athletic Registration, Other Information

Athletic Department Contact information

Athletic Director: Justin Remington (jremington@mvusd.net)

Baseball: Darious Carter (dcarter@mvusd.net)

Basketball (Boys): Chris Robinson (crobinson@mvusd.net)

Basketball (Girls): TBA

Cheer: Stacy Noel (snoel@mvusd.net)

Cross Country: Jose Ramirez (jramirez@mvusd.net)

Football: Howard Boyd (hboyd@mvusd.net)

Golf (Boys and Girls): John Nava (jnava@mvusd.net)

Soccer (Boys): Annoar Perez (aperez@mvusd.net)

Soccer (Girls): Eric Palomino (epalomino@mvusd.net)

Softball: Janine Monahan (jmonahan@mvusd.net)

Swim (Boys and Girls): Shannon Sauls (ssauls@mvusd.net)

Tennis (Boys and Girls): Binh Dang (bidang010@gmail.com)

Track (Boys): Jose Ramirez (jramirez@mvusd.net)

Track (Girls): Pete Garza (pgarza@mvusd.net)

Volleyball (Boys and Girls): Santiago Rodriguez (santirod75@gamil.com)

Water Polo (Boys): Shannon Sauls (ssauls@mvusd.net)

Water Polo (Girls): Alexis Triplett (atriplett@mvusd.net)

Wrestling (Boys): Jason Lowe (jlowe@mvusd.net)

Wrestling (Girls): Paul Gould (pgould@mvusd.net)

If you are experiencing issues or have questions please follow the protocol below:
  • Contact the coach: Please do not approach a coach before/after a practice/game to speak to them about any issues. Instead, please contact them by email and set up a meeting with them.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved after meeting directly with the coach firstĀ then contact the Athletic Director by email.

Athletic Mission/Values

Education-Based Athletics:

  • Focused on Development of the Entire Student-Athlete
  • Student First Mentality
  • Teach how to Win, How to Handle Setbacks, How to Persevere
  • Focused on Creating More Well-Rounded Individuals
Developing Better People Through Athletics

The Athletic programs at Canyon Springs High School strive to teach our three pillars of values through competition. For a more detailed look into our pillars click HERE.


In order for a student-athlete to be athletically eligible he/she must:

  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA at the end of a grading period (end of a quarter or semester).
  • Maintain a positive attendance rate of 95% or above (checked on a weekly basis).
  • Must be cleared to participate through athleticclearance.com with an uploaded current and valid physical, uploaded proof of health insurance, and all consent forms digitally signed by both parent/guardian and student-athlete (for directions on how to complete registration click HERE).

The Raincross conference

We are in the Raincross Conference which is made up of 15 different high schools. The conference was developed to create competitive-equity across the different sports we offer. It consist of three different leagues - The Ivy, The Sunbelt, and The Inland Valley Leagues. Below is a video listing the schools that make up the conference.


We believe that to become a more well-rounded individual playing multiple sports is important. Sports specialization has been shown to create burnout and also increase the likelihood of injury. Therefore we encourage that student-athletes play a sport in the fall, winter, and the spring. Student-athletes can even play two sports in the same season. CIF limits their contact hours to 18 hours a week, but we do encourage that student-athletes participate in the sports they are interested in playing. Please see the video below which talks about the benefits of playing more than 1 sport.

parent/fan Expectations

Sport competitions are an emotional event. Everyone wants their team to succeed and be treated fairly.

As spectators we have a responsibility to remain positive and to encourage throughout the competition.

Athletics across the nation are experiencing a shortage in referees. This causes schools to schedule less games, games to moved to different dates etc. The main reason cited for the shortage was that referees were getting harassed from fans and athletes for a job that is not just hard, but often thankless.

It is our expectation that anyone who attends our games treat refs, other student-athletes, other fans, and school officials with dignity and respect.

Please stay positive and cheer on your team and your kid! (The video below pretty much sums this up).

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