Becoming an Animator Dylan Dolan

Animators need to be able to have artistic ability and good understanding of color, texture and light. They also need to be able to work in teams. Most animators can work in the fields of film, television and video games and they must be able to create moving characters, scenes and sequences. Animators create characters using colorful and complex texture. Technical directors are able to easily move and pose them. Consumers expect realistic visual effects in video games, movies and television.

In order to become an animator or multimedia artist you need a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Graphics or Animation. It's important to stay aware of the latest advances in technology in the job. You may also need to use "puppets" to create scenes so that you can control characters in a scene.

You need to be able to work with multiple people and working as a group, have story telling capabilities and coming up with unique characters for their story and above all, having artistic and creative abilities to make a story or animation come to life. Being an animator takes hard work and dedication. It's very important for someone in this career to know how to manage their time wisely efficiently and know how to handle difficult projects.

It's very important for artists who have this job to be able to come up with unique ideas. Their ideas need to be interesting and appealing to their audience. Storytelling in animations or video games is very crucial and it introduces and builds up the characters personalities. Animating companies who creates movies such as Disney and Dreamworks are very good at storytelling and make the audience intrigued in their movies. They have teams of many animators who work together and uses these skills to create these movies.

Many people with this career learn to use different programs on advanced technology to create characters, settings and scenes. Technology is more advanced these days and audience expect to see very realistic movies when it comes to editing in movies. It's also the same with video games and computer games. Players really enjoy realistic graphics and animations. So it's important for animators to keep up many changes and advances in today's technology.

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