Meet Dr. Bright A dental hero, powered by Remote Lite

Dr. Bright wanted to become a dentist because he thinks smiles can change lives. His mission is to create happy and healthy patients and to help as many people as possible share their beautiful smiles.

Dr. Bright has been running a practice for 15 years, and he recently decided it was time to make some changes in order to add value to his practice and run it more efficiently. His first step was to change his practice’s front office systems. He liked his practice management system, but while it was great for managing patient appointments, it was a bit pricey to send electronic claims at his growing practice. Every time Dr. Bright’s patient volume increased substantially, so did his monthly cost for electronic claims.

Dr. Bright asked fellow dentists for recommendations and searched the internet for answers to his eClaims problem. There he discovered Remote Lite by Renaissance Electronic Services, a user-friendly software that makes submitting eClaims easy and affordable with a flat monthly rate.

Dr. Bright called Renaissance to set up a demo of Remote Lite, and after being walked through how to use the software, he decided he liked the simplicity and wanted to give it a shot.

With no contract,

Easy integration with his practice management system,

and his first month of claims processing covered for free, it was a no-brainer to try it out.

Flash-forward a few months later, and after checking in with Dr. Bright we see he is thrilled with his decision to switch to Remote Lite. Paying only $49.95 per month to process his monthly average of 200 claims, he is saving more than $110 per month, and as his practice continues to grow, so will his savings.

In his first month of using Remote Lite, Dr. Bright decided to use his excess funds to purchase teeth whitening pens for his new patients to take home after their first hygiene visits.

In his second month of using Remote Lite, he decided to pursue additional marketing tools. He started using a social media scheduling platform and a text message service that sends reminder messages to patients about upcoming appointments.

With the extra money that Dr. Bright is saving each month, he has room to invest in more products for his patients, and in services that can help him continue to grow his practice and focus more on patient care.

Join Dr. Bright and start saving on insurance claims.

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