Consistency Hector Rodriguez

How long have you been in BU?

I’ve been in BU since September 2016, but I’ve been following ET since 2012. When I first heard ET tell the guru story, I knew I had to share his message. I contacted him on Facebook to see if he would come out a speak at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, and he responded immediately. You may have seen the video of his speech, but ultimately ET and CJ graciously agreed to come out and speak and the rest is history!

Where are you from?

I often have trouble answering that question. I’m Puerto Rican, but I’m third generation military. I guess you can say I’m from wherever the Air Force sends me! Today I’m from Colorado, but I plan to eventually settle down in Florida.

Why did you join BU ?

I joined for a variety of reasons, but most specifically I joined to get out of my shell. I reached a point in my life where I felt like a hit a glass ceiling, so I needed to do something different to break out of that. I strongly believe that for me to reach the highest levels of success, I need to increase my resilience. To do that I need work on mastering the social, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of my life. I am a naturally introverted person, so I tend to keep to myself. Joining BU is a way for me to improve the social aspect of my life and it has given me an outlet to connect with other like-minded people.

What is your most important fitness goal?

My most important fitness goals in 2017, can be summed up into one word…consistency. While I will be doing a lot of running, my goal is to run 5 to 6 days a week for the entire year. I’m not worried about my speed or my weight. I just want to have a consistent running routine, and the speed and weight should adjust naturally.

What are you doing to achieve that goal?

To achieve consistency in running I realized that I will need some accountability, so I started the BU Running Club with the Nike+ Running app and got other people involved. This will ensure that I have some accountability, and allow me to help others as well.

What is something you wish to accomplish?

I wish to establish some positive and long lasting relationships with the people in BU. My goal is to add value to others while also learning and growing with everyone.

What motivated you to start the #BUrunningclub ?

I wanted to start the running group for a couple reasons. One is accountability (which I just spoke on), and the other is to add value. I know that if I want to be a part of a group to learn from others, I will need to ensure that I am also trying to give back to those who I’m hoping to learn and grow with. While I plan on giving more to BU in the future, this was my first step in doing so.

For more information on the BU running club please contact Hector or any of the team members and they will guide you into this new running adventure.

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