Old Car City 2018 Tom Bol Photo Workshops

Old Car City in White, Georgia has 4000 classic cars on seven miles of maintained trails. It is the perfect place to photograph Americana entwined in the southern hardwood forest.
Participants wanted to focus on off-camera flash in what quickly became Speedlight Boot Camp.
Tom shows Bonnie how to set-up a speed light with a Rogue gel
Keith and John with their Dark Salmon gel
Bob used his Roque Flash Bender snoot to capture hood emblems all over the property

Photo opposite by Bob Foster

Charlie used a multiple exposure setting to create this image with a single speed light and a variety of Rogue gels.

Photo opposite by Charlie Wilson

An infra-red image by Kim Turner opposite
On Day 2 we switched to Elinchrom strobes - the ELB 500 to shoot on location images at Old Car City with three models

Quick Eddie was the perfect choice for this Mack truck

Photo by Bonnie Freeland

Tom taught an evening class on posing models to prepare for our shoot. Natasha from Moldovia

Veronica in red - back for her second year of the Old Car City photography workshop

Photo by Charlie Wilson

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Tom Bol, Cree Bol, Bonnie Freeland, Bob Foster, Charlie Wilson, Kim Turner

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