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"Let your dream comes true..."

We are in the start of a fairly simple and graceful project over here that involves something dreamy, something inspired and something fun.

1. Set Down a Blanket

It’s a picnic, so bring a blanket! Whether you’re setting up your picnic on the ground or using a table, it’s nice to have an opportunity to lay on grass and watch a sky

2. Bring Wine

If you’re looking for a winning picnic idea, pick wine. White cold wine, a fragrant and vibrant wine.

It thrives alone but also pairs beautifully with a range of cuisines, making it perfect for any summer picnic.

Pack Easy Snacks

In thinking about food for a picnic, let us recommend a few things.

Offer a spread of snacks where people can pick what they like. A good example: a big cheese plate with crackers and crusty bread paired with fresh summer vegetables.

Mix Luxury with Casual

When styling a picnic, its good to mix luxury things with casual. If you use disposable cutlery, pair it with something a bit fancier such as linen napkins.

Nobody is a fan of plastic drinkware and we advise you to use a set of inexpensive wine glasses. You probably have at home a random assortment of wine glasses that don’t match your best stemware.

Take along those singletons, and if one gets broken at the picnic, no worries.

Add Pretty Details

Finally, don’t forget the pretty details. Use a stylish cooler, a pretty picnic basket, and snip a few seasonal flowers from your garden and add them to a jar. Even a sprinkle of fresh herbs on your snacks makes them special.

Be intentional about how everything looks together to make a wow-worthy picnic set-up.

With the middle of the summer almost here, we hope these picnic ideas inspire you to create your own casual dining experience al fresco!

Don’t wait for the moment. Make it!

With that, we think you’re ready for a magical meal on the lawn!

The article was prepared by Travel Dream Club UK www.traveldreamclub.uk

"Let your dream comes true..."

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