Mechanical engineer

Job done discription

Knowing how to work on cars and engines.

Education requirements

You need a bachelors degree education

Skills needed

1. STEM Skills / Knowledge

2.Ability to Work as Part of a Team

3. Strong Analytical Mind

4. Attention to Detail

5. Excellent Communication Skills

6. Desire to Learn

7. Leadership and Management Skills


Licensure. Mechanical engineers working in all states must earn licensure as a Professional Engineer (PE).

Yearly salary


Advantages &a disadvantages

Adva...Engineers often escalate to management positions and earn excellent money over the life of their careers

Disad... The work can be stressful – especially when the equipment or structure has the potential to impact human life.

Career reflection

I chose this career because I really like working on cars

I would be a good fit in this career because I will really try my best and won't slack off in my passion

The thing that attracts me about this career is working on cars

My concerns are will I get time off for a vacation


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