Impact of Tang and Song Dynasties in China by: CJ Reyes

Tang Taizong, the second emperor was formerly known as Lil Shimin and was a general. He was also given power when he killed both of his brothers and forced his father to step down. Also credited with restoring the Tang Dynasty.

Tang Rulers applied huge taxes for the people going towards the government, unfortunately failed to expand the government and new architecture and in turn were defeated by the Muslims at the battle of Talas.

Tang Dynasty introduced this social structure this social structure is still used in some cultures today.

At the Tang and Han Dynasties peaks both had about the same size of their population historians often say history repeated itself.

Tang Dynasty ultimately diminished due to natural disasters, defeats and rebellions. Interesting also that the Tang Dynasty lasted about as long as the Han Dynasty.

This Video goes in depth about the history of the Tang Dynasty and how it came into power than later diminished

In 960 Taizu reunited china after the Tang Dynasty fell and was proclaimed the first Song emperor

Song Dynasty created gun powder and porcelain , gun powder was revolutionary for wars and is now the basis of most weaponry.

In the Song Dynasty they were very interested in Art and music which was a big step because most countries only cared about war and other things.
Foot binding was also very common in China and it originated from the Song Dynasty because most men liked their women with small feet and this was their solution to the problem

In 1279 The song Dynasty was defeated by the Jin Empire and then after that the Mongols.

This Video shows how the Song Dynasty came into power after the downfall of the Tang Dynasty, the advancements of the song dynasty and it's ultimate downfall

A huge influence on the modern world we live in today is the song dynasty from inventions such as gunpowder, porcelain, creative work, and the compass. Obviously gunpowder is now the basis of many weaponry such as guns, canons and bombs, so in theory without the Song dynasty wars in america might have played out differently. Porcelain is used for many dinner ware that we use today ,but we now know it as china (get it). Creative works such as art and writings help our modern world understand Chinese history through writing as well as innovate art from the past and now modern artist still use the styles today. One of the biggest modern influences is the compass, without the compass we wouldn't, have the gps and without the gps we would have a bunch of people going places they didn't know where they were going. All in all without innovations from the song dynasty the way we would live our life today would be changed drastically.

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