Venice, Italy Gavin Lancia

Venice, Italy is a place with a long history, and a vacation hot spot in northern Italy


Venice, Italy is a unique one of a kind city at the cost of the Adriatic sea. It is a city that is an island! completely surrounded by water and there are no roads here, just water canals that you can take a boat around instead of a car. it still has sidewalks but you would be less likely to step on where the roads would be unless you want to get wet. speaking of the water you might not want to swim in the Venetian canals because they have an unusually high content in dog urine and rotten foods


Venice, Italy is home to some of the most authentic Italian dishes and some you may not have even heard of but sound great such as the bigoli in salsa which is spaghetti noodles, onion, and salt-cured fish.


The Italian Culture is very interesting, this is a picture of a carnival the Italians have called the Carnevale di venezia which is to celebrate Christianity, it is widley known for it elaborate masks as shown on the picture above this text.

Other Places

There are many other places to go to in Venice such as the bridge of signs above . all the building were constructed magnificently from top to bottom to withstand the harshest of water erosion


The city has had a very long history dating all the way back to the fall of the western roman empire. The Venetians had to escape from the capital of the empire which they did, they then went to the water the built small houses out of would to survive, as years past they upgraded to other, better things like stone and brick. It also got a name for itself as "The Floating City" as people heard this, they wanted to go here for themselves, so it grew in population and thus grew in size. It now has more than 118 islands all connected by small canals that feed into the Adriatic sea


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