The Lion Fabio van Doorn and Kevin verbakel

The Territory

The lion is a beautiful animal with a dick skin and a lot of hair. Lions live in many African nations like Angola and Tanzania. Lions also live in parts of India. The most of lions live in Africa because the climate is good for them. There is also enough food for them. For humans the temperatures in Africa is very hot but for the most of the lions this temperatures is nothing more than normal. That’s the reason it’s so easy for lions to live in Africa.

The most of the lions can’t live in countries like Norway or Sweden. For the most of the lions the climate in Norway and Sweden is too cold. There are some lion species who can live in cold climates. The Puma is one of those species. He also can live in hot climates like the other lion species. The Puma is a threatened animal. The Puma lives in many parts of North- and South America. In some North- and South American countries the Puma is extinct.

The Hunt

When lions hunt, they do that in the morning. That is the coolest time of the day. The lions aren’t the only ones who hunt, the lionesses also hunt. Lionesses always hunt in groups. They have a good strategy for the hunt. When they see a prey, They slowly make a big circle around him. One of the lionesses begins running. When the prey tries to escape he sees a group of hungry lionesses in front of him. Now the prey is enclosed and can’t escape. That is how the lionesses hunt.

Lions don’t have difficult strategies for the hunt on his prey. If a lion knows it’s almost time to eat he goes find his prey. When he find his prey he lays down in high grass. There he watches his prey very well. When the lion sees that the prey isn’t paying attention, he runs after him! Of course the prey tries to escape and sometimes they do escape. But the most of the times the poor animal can’t escape. If the lion got him, he slaps him on his neck and breaks it. Sometimes the neck doesn't break and the lions eat their prey alive.

The Poaching

Lions and lionesses hunt on other animals but they are also be hunted by humans. People with a hunting license, hunt on lions and other animals. They kill the lion only for his head. For the hunters the of the lion is like a trophy to show how good they can hunt. The rest of the body isn’t important for them. The hunter sells the body and throws the useless parts away. Hunting isn’t the only way that lions got killed. In a war the lions also can get killed. Also very important are the illnesses lions can get. They get an illness and die slowly in the hot sun. For example the illness FIV, FIV is a dangerous disease. FIV is also called Feline AIDS. Only Felid (all the kind of cats) can get this illness. This illness is very contagious and of one lion gets it, the whole group can die.

The Lion in general

The lion belongs to the genus Panthera within the Felidae family. The lion is after the tiger the biggest Felidae on earth. The male lion is best recognisable from all of the predators. The male lion has remarkable manes, on the other hand the female not. The way the lion lives can be seen at his teeth. You can also see the generation of the lion. Young lions have light mane and older lions have darker mane. After three years the male lion gets mane. The tail of the lion shows his temper. The lion is angry, when the tail goes fast back and forth. The lion is happy, when the tail goes slowly back and forth. Two types of lions exits: the Asian and the African lion.

The African Lion

The difference between the African and the Asian lion is that the African lion is a little bit taller and has bigger mane. There were two types of African lions: the Cape lion and the Barbary lion both types are deserted. The Barbary lion also known as the Atlas lion lived in North-Africa, from Morocco to Egypt. The Barbary lions were used to fight in arenas during the Roman Period. He had black mane that covered his shoulders and attain to his groin. The lion had short legs, high occiput and a deep chest and looked like the Cape lion. The Cape lion lived in South-Africa, his habitat was from Cape Province to Natal. Cape of Good Hope and Cape Town are named after the Cape lion.

The Asian Lion

An important characteristic of the Asian lion is the skinfold in the middle of his belly. In 1900, the Asian lion was very normal in the savanna and in forested areas of Asia. Farmers used poison to kill the lions. Thence were all of the Asian lions exterminated around the world except in Gir forest and India. These are still the only places where they live.

The Gir forest is a dry, hilly landscape of approximately 1300 square meter. It is a sanctuary, but still the lions have to share the area with thousands farmers and more than 50.000 cattle like: oxen, water buffalo, camels and goats. Gradually disappeared the food in the Gir forest, thence the lions had to hunt at the cattle of the farmers. Therefore the farmers strewed poison and putted traps against the lions. Because the cattle ate a lot of plants it was difficult for the lions to stalk the cattle. This was a disaster for the lions, but the people came with a solution. They built a fence around the area and the farmers moved to other places. The number of the Asian lions is small but it is rising again.

Most of the lions you see in the zoo in the Netherlands are African lions. There is only one zoo in the Netherlands where you can see Asian lions and that is Diergaarde Blijdorp.

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