Malik Harrison

I was born in green bay WI
O n my free time I go out and listen to bands
I draw when I have the time to
5 through 12 grade I played football
I moved to Minnesota in 2013
I attended college at RCTC in MN
I started my interest in Photography
when along an played football for a year
I came back to Green Bay in 2015
then I attended NWTC


Created with images by Ryan Dickey - "untitled image" • jp26jp - "singer band music" • GORGEOUSBOO - "draw *-*" • Greyerbaby - "kids football games tackle" • standuppaddle - "minneapolis bridge mississippi" • stevepb - "books student study" • iskws - "2007-12-01 11-34-38OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. E-330 023" • KeithJJ - "football american football game" • Brian Giesen - "Packers - Bears Game" • msdlibrary - "saint anselm college's liberal arts college administration"

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