Taking Care of Horses


Can you feel the breeze blowing in your face as you gallop away? Maybe the bump bounces you everywhere? Or, your eyes water so much from the amazing speed you think you can fill a whole bucket up? Since horses are such amazing creatures, this story will teach you how to take care of them. Read this article to learn all about what they look like, what they like, what their habitat is, and many more!


Horses appearances are quite dazzling! They have long necks, big eyes, leather skin, a matted mane and a knotted tail. Just so you know, horses can be ruff in the fields. If you want to keep your horse dirt-free, you're going to have to hose them off consistently!


Horses habitats are so strange because they all have different climates. They can live in the dry lands, such as deserts. Or they can live in open fields, or just the regular, good old friend, the farm. Talk about having a puzzling life!


Horses love having food, of course! Their diet contains hay and grass, grain, apples, etc. But don't give them the apple’s seeds or the core, it can be very harmful to them.


Horses are not predators, they are prey. They don’t hunt and they are basically vegetarians. Their eyes are on the side of their heads so they can see predators if they are coming at them. What a strange species!

Horses are such playful, unique, loving and caring animals. I suggest you adopting one and making sure to be the best owner ever!


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