Ralph Chandler Middle School Library Report April 2019

When I write these reports, invariably, I start several of them thinking that not much happened this month; and then, when I finish, I am astonished at how much did happen! April was one of those months because we missed a week for Spring Break, and also because teachers often spend more class time preparing for tests and trying to instruct students up until the last possible moment. However, when I see the fun activities and events, the beauty of poetry month offerings, and the insane activity that goes on behind the scenes particularly with Chromebook troubleshooting and tech issues, I realize that our job in the library is never the same and never easy. We continue to work on genrification of our collection, endless strategizing about the end of the year Chromebook retrieval/summer repair process, weeding galore, multiple collection development analyses, a very fine start of the diversity audit process; and mostly, striving to assist students and teachers in helping them find just what they need for success in the classroom or for personal enjoyment.


At Ralph Chandler Middle School Library, our goal is to ensure that learners leave here as competent, critical, and ethical users and producers of ideas and information. It is our mission to prepare lifelong learners; information literate young people able to determine their information needs, recognize and utilize relevant and credible resources, while evolving into impassioned readers. We seek to underscore the profile of a South Carolina graduate by encouraging students to be creative, innovative, collaborative, self-directed critical thinkers, who become adept at problem solving and who attain a global perspective.


Circulation for the month of April.
RCMS is always right in the middle of OverDrive eBook/Audiobook checkouts.


04/01 - Byce - 6th Grade Book Checkouts - Periods 1,4,5,7

04/01 - Barnes - 7th Grade - Audio of the Watsons Go to Birmingham

04/05 - Barnes/LaGro/Ritchie - 8th Grade Book Club - Periods 2,4,6,7

04/08 - Berkeley/Going/Randall - 7th Grade Book Launch - Period 3

04/10 - Wilbanks/Koehler/Hamilton - 7th Grade Science Speaker - Periods 1,2,5,6

Special thanks to S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) for their informative presentation to Ralph Chandler Middle 7th grade students about composting, recycling, and the general cycle of our waste. Interesting content and tightly aligned with standards.

04/11 - Berkeley/Going/Randall - 7th Grade Book Launch

04/14 - 04/19 - SPRING BREAK

04/22 - Berkeley/Randall - Geography Lesson - Population - Periods 1, 6

04/23 - Barnes - Recordings - Period 3

04/24 - Byce - 6th Grade Book Checkouts - 1,4,5,7

04/24 - Barnes - Recordings - Period 3


Japanese Culture to 1600 - wrapping up the research project from March.


04/01 - Before School Book Club - Restart by Gordon Korman

Chase Ambrose doesn’t remember falling off the roof. He doesn’t remember hitting his head. In fact, he doesn’t remember anything. He wakes up in a hospital room and suddenly has to learn his whole life over again … starting with his own name. Okay, he’s Chase. But who is Chase? Soon he’s hearing stories of the alpha jock and bully who held a reign of terror over an entire school. Is that the person he was … and is destined to be again? Is it possible to restart? Mrs. Walton was assisted by teachers Chellee McDougal, Alice Bradley, and Sue Rossello!

04/30 - Bagels and Books - Posted by John David Anderson

The students give a "thumbs up" to Posted. Mrs. Walton was assisted by teachers Chellee McDougal, Alice Bradley, and Sue Rossello.

04/10 - Baby Shower - Sarah H. Brown

Sarah's baby shower!


Ms. Cornish did the most fabulous Poetry Month display and add-ons. I especially loved her "Poem in a Pocket" offerings, which many students took with them. I also added a Follett "Collection" of all the RCMS Library print resources along with some great suggestions for online resources for teachers and students.


04/25 - Tech Specialists/Media Specialists - Greenville High - 1 - 4 pm


04/15 - Mrs. Walton attended the Military Book Club at The Poinsett Club

Author Claire Gibson is an “army brat” who moved frequently throughout her childhood, but grew up at West Point, where her father was a professor. Her debut novel, Beyond the Point, is a heartfelt story based on her personal experience and those of the female service members she interviewed as research for the novel: the experience of four years at a service academy, deciding to serve, dual-military marriages, deployment and the struggle to find purpose in life after a military career. Claire spoke about Beyond the Point at a military luncheon at The Poinsett Club, pictured above, on Monday, April 15.

04/27 - Mrs. Walton assisted with book signing/author event for the Greenville, SC, community at Indie bookstore Fiction Addiction - 11am - 1 pm

04/27 - Mrs. Walton and Ms. Cornish assisted with book reading/author event for Simpsonville Community - Bourbon and Books at Arizona Grill - 4-5 pm

Author James Hornor, at his book signing at Fiction Addiction; and author James Hornor, with former RCMS teacher Quentin Grant, current RCMS teacher Stacy Penninger, and current RCMS library ladies Candace Walton and Suzette Cornish. These community events were great fun to organize.
Come see us in the library! April is the month when the tax man cometh. Easy come, easy go!
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Candace Walton


Suzette Cornish and Candace Walton

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