8 Ways To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain And Still Enjoy The Season

If you smell frosted cookies, chocolate fudge, peach cobbler, ice cream, and let's not forget that incredible how-did-you-make-this liquor drink your aunt always comes in clutch with, then strap up your boots or get your Spanx ready, because Oh Holy Night, it's Christmas time!

Or that's how you've handled holidays since the beginning of time, right? Stuff your face and feel bad about it later. Today, we're here to show you how to avoid over-eating during those Christmas parties while still enjoying quality time with your family and friends...and it's a lot easier than you think.

1. Never Arrive To A Party Hungry

Whether you are preparing for a dinner party before the 25th or Christmas dinner itself, don't starve yourself and think that's going to help you out. One of the best tactics to maintaining your weight is to eat a reasonably filled protein packed breakfast that will keep you fuller longer before you head off for the afternoon. Starving yourself or skipping meals only makes you binge later. Avoid this by eating your Wheaties at breakfast.

2. Chew & Drink Slowly

By the look on this cute little guy's face, he probably didn't follow our second rule, and he is definitely paying for it now. The great thing about celebrating the Christmas season— it's not a sprint; it's a marathon, so finish your first bite before you start on your second and nurse your alcohol like you've never done this before to truly enjoy (and remember...) the moment.

3. Go For The Tall & The Thin

This is what you call a real dime piece. When you catch a yen for some delicious eggnog or other alcoholic beverage, try to find a tall, thin glass instead of a short, stumpy one. We promise you will pour less alcohol into your tall boy than into the chubby puppy. And a taller glass will allow you to down less in one sitting, which is especially helpful when drinking booze. Remember...marathon, not sprint.


Drinking water makes you think you're full, resulting in consuming fewer calories. Now we get it, you'll be spending a FULL day with your family and your I'm-Better-Than-You cousin Becky will be in attendance, so you may not want to walk around with a water bottle because that shows her you can't hang. This is where Operation He Turned Water Into Wine comes in handy. Go for a wine glass, fill it up with sparkling water and go back for more all night long! Is it water or is it Chardonnay? We don't know, but we know Becky can't hang with us.

5. You're Really Here For The Companionship

The true reason you're here is because it's a get-together, so let's try to get-together with people instead of food. Catch up with friends or relatives you haven't seen in a while, find out what they're up to, and let them know how you're life is going. Conversation is calorie-free and can be a good time if your funny uncle came to town. Remember to celebrate the good times with your family and friends and focus on the food at dinner hour.

6. Sleep And De-Stress Throughout The Season

From deadlines at work to spending money on presents and donating to charity, while great, makes it easy to get overwhelmed in the mix of things. Sometimes it's not just one day or one party you indulge in that affects your weight, it's indulging during the entire holiday season. Stress causes overeating, so if you're feeling anxious, take a good nap with your cute, fluffy pet and make sure you're getting your proper eight hours of sleep in every night.

7. Walk It Out

If you're going to be hanging out with your family or friends a lot, chances are there's going to be some high-tense moments, which gives you the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and walk! Taking a stroll around the neighborhood will alleviate a lot of stress and calm your nerves down. It's amazing what fresh air can do for you!

8. Diet Beforehand

Life comes at you fast, especially during the holidays, and while we can't always control the food served at parties, we can control our grocery list. Make a reasonable plan to stick to workouts during December and only shop for healthy foods at the grocery store like whole grains, veggies and fruits, fresh meats, and sugar-free creamers. Eating healthy for most of the month will help the scale move as little as possible and give you lots of room to munch on yummy desserts you may only get around this time of year.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

If you would like more tips, just send us a note! We'll be glad to give you some other ideas that work to avoid holiday weight gain, be your accountability partner, and keep you going this season, as we hope yours is filled with all the love and laughter, happiness and cheerfulness there is to offer. And we will always, always be here to commiserate on how we are dreading seeing our I'm-Better-Than-You cousin Becky, who doesn't. even. have. good. hair.

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