Native American Mascots Pros Tiana Fulson

I do think Teams and Schools should be allowed to use Native American Masscots

I am claiming this because I think they are using them as mascots so they could show their appreciation towards the Native American. One quote that supports my claim is "The Washington Redskins team, our fans and community have always believed our name represents honor, respect, and pride." This supports my claim because in the quote it says it shows their respect and pride for Native Americans.So their not being disrespectful to them. They are doing it because they appreciate Native Americans.

Another reason I am claiming this is because I think they are doing to honor the Native Americans. Another quote that supports my claim is "We seminoles embrace the mascots," says James Billie, the tribes chairman. "They honor us." This supports my quote because the tribes chairman believes they are using Natives Americans as mascots that is their way of showing them honor. Also how much they want to represent them.

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