Foundation phase Summer Newsletter Broughton Primary School

Croeso! Welcome!

Welcome to our Foundation Phase newsletter for the forthcoming summer term. We hope you have all had a wonderful break over the Easter holidays and that the children are ready and refreshed for a fun packed term ahead. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support throughout all of the challenges we have faced so far this year. It honestly hasn't gone unnoticed and has made working through these uncertain times all the more enjoyable.

As Assistant Headteacher I would also like to take this opportunity to thank ALL members of staff in Foundation Phase, and our wider school community, for their dedication and commitment in providing such wonderful experiences for the children despite ever-changing restrictions. I am sure you will agree, they have continually sought to excite and engage the children through every undertaking, and seeing all the smiles and hearing the laughter and enthusiastic chatter has warmed our hearts no end.

As I am sure you have noticed we have updated our newsletters to this new format and they are being shared with you slightly differently. I hope you find this accessible and that the content helps you to feel informed about what’s going on this term. As I am sure you will appreciate, our events calendar isn't quite what we would like it to be but rest assured we are maximising what we can do with our class bubbles in line with current restrictions. I know staff are extremely active on SeeSaw and in addition we hope that this will continue to enhance the communication we have with you as parents and carers.

Thank you again for your support, Mr Probert.


We have been working hard at Broughton to utilise technology and make the curriculum more accessible to our whole school community. We have created a more accessible version of this newsletter which has Immersive Reader built in. Immersive Reader is a free tool that implements proven techniques to improve reading for people, regardless of their age or ability. Immersive Reader is particularity useful for dyslexia and English language learners (children and adults).

Click the button below to access our accessibility version of this newsletter or scroll down to continue reading.


Nursery - This half term Nursery children are super excited about their new topic: Toys. They are stepping into a story with Kipper's Toybox By Mick Inkpen and talking about all of their favourite toys at home and in school. They will curiously investigate toys that their parents and grandparents may have played with when they were little, and look at the similarities and differences with their toys. Lots of challenges will focus upon numbers to 10, recognising numbers, writing numbers, counting carefully, ordering etc. We will also be using our amazing listening skills to tune into environmental and instrumental sounds. We will be playing alliteration and rhyming games as well as blending sounds orally (hearing that d-o-g makes dog orally). We hope to be enjoying the outdoors as much as possible and strengthening all of our learning muscles whilst having endless fun with our friends.


Reception - Following on from an interest in our planet shown last term, Reception children are going to plan some activities based upon the story Somebody Swallowed Stanley By Sarah Roberts. Children will be using their Reading Powers of visualising, connecting and questioning to understand and enjoy the text. They are going to look at our oceans and investigate what should be in our oceans and what should't be. The children may explore ocean habitats and how we can help our favourite sea creatures. Children will explore ways they can help and will be using their creative skills to make their voices heard. In Maths children will be mastering some simple addition and subtraction skills, whilst deepening our understanding of number formation movement patterns and place value using concrete equipment. Children will be introduced to simple coding by using directional and positional language to make pathways with their favourite characters using J2E JIT, spheros and beebots.

Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Year 1 and 2 - Class 8S stumbled upon some strange happenings in our sandpit whilst out on an Easter Egg Hunt on the last day of term. After further investigation they discovered a message in a bottle with a variety of suspicious items of clothing and weaponry. They excitedly video called all of our classes to share their findings and read the contents of the letter. We couldn't believe it! What an odd thing to happen here at Broughton. After a very short deliberation we all agreed that we would rise to the challenge and find out how to be the very best crew mates we can possibly be to Captain Peg-Leg Pete. Over the next few weeks we hope to find out a little more about what pirate life might entail for us, before inviting the Captain back in to showcase our skills and hope to persuade him which class might be the perfect addition to sail the Seven Seas in his galleon with him. We will being using the Jolley Rogers books by Jonny Duddle to help us with our investigations into pirate life.

Class 8S investigating the sandpit clues
The Jolley Roger's Books

As always, the children will take the lead in terms of their learning journey. Our children are very well rehearsed in using their pupil voice to lead their own learning and plan what they would like to learn and how. They will be asking the "Big Questions" that we investigate in class, in provisions and in the outdoors. We look forward to seeing where their awe, wonder and inquisition takes us.


It is no secret that we LOVE reading here at Broughton. We celebrate the joy of reading at every opportunity, and have been extremely fortunate to invest heavily into our reading provision recently. From Nursery to Year 2 we are reaping the benefits of our newest purchases and the impact it is having on the experiences of our children.

Our extremely talented Nursery staff have been busy making 50 story sacks for our children to enjoy both at school and at home. Each story was carefully selected, props were purchased, gathered and tailor-made. Each story sack was sketched and painted by hand and we know our children will really enjoy stepping into each story, playing the games and exploring the characters through play. Children will delve into the story sacks in school initially and we hope to share with parents in the very near future.

Our amazing story sacks

Reception are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the majority of their new books. We are hoping they will arrive this week. There will be lots of new fiction and non-fiction books for the children to enjoy through individual and group reading in class and at home with families.

Enjoying our wonderful new books

In Year 1 and 2, during the last half term the children have caught sneaky peeks at the 1000s of new reading books that have arrived daily. They have watched eagerly as they have been unpacked, stickered, stamped and sorted. The children have gazed in wonder at the inviting front covers and brilliant blurbs. They have recognised texts that they have at home, that they have heard in class or have spotted in the supermarket.

We have replaced our outdated, tatty and uninspiring books and have invested in the best, most engaging and exciting picture books we can find. All those key texts that we hope that our children at Broughton will enjoy as youngsters. There are stories you may have enjoyed when you were children and there are the newest releases on the market. There are a balance of fiction and non-fiction books so that children can select genres of their preference.

All books have been aligned back to book band colours so that they are accessible to all of our children. We have books ranging from pink to brown banding that have been discretely colour coded on the inside cover. Children can change their book any day of the week, even every day of the week if they wish, and used books will be quarantined in accordance with our current procedures.

Children can re-read favourites and not feel they have to read book by book in sequence. Children who are already free reader’s will have access to any of the new books they wish along with any of the chapter books from the free reading library.

Dates for your diary

Monday 19th April to Friday 23rd April - Collection to commemorate the Stephen Lawrence Day. Flintshire Food bank are grateful for any dried or tinned food however they have indicated that they would really appreciate the following;

-Tinned / packet potatoes

-Long grain rice

-Tinned / packet custard



-Tinned rice pudding

Thursday 27th May - Year 1 and Year 2 Pirate Celebration Day. Children can come to school dressed in pirate costumes and undertake a variety of challenges to prove their piratey prowess to Captain Peg Leg Pete.

May Bank Holiday - School will be closed on Monday 3rd May

Half Term - School closes for half term on Friday 28th May and will re-open on Monday 7th June.

Summer Holidays - School will close for the summer on Thursday 15th July.

Please continue to support us in reducing and eradicate the spread of COVID

  • Ensure you wear a face covering at all times when on school site.
  • Continue to adhere to socially distancing guidelines, avoiding any gathering with other adults.
  • Keep your children with you at all times.
  • Only one adult to drop off and collect to reduce the number of adults on site.
  • Leave the school site as quickly as possible once you dropped off or collected your child.


In the event of your child having to self isolate for an extended period of time (10 days) they will receive a link from their class teacher with a selection of activities they can keep busy with at home. We hope the suggested activities will be little challenges the children will be excited to have a go at.

In the event of the whole class having to self isolate the children should access SeeSaw and they will receive daily activities just like what they did during the lockdown.


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