If I said it with flowers... scroll down to read

If I said it to my youngest...

It would be the simplicity of a singular yellow dandelion, like those he picks especially for me and which are placed cherishingly in a small vase and put in pride of place on the bench, or the complexity of a mathematically precise snow art image of an imagined flower, acknowledging his love of numbers and patterns.

I see you; innocent at heart, gentle and caring, with a particular love of gaming and maths - and yes, I hear you, not “school” maths - you who is a multitude of ages in one body, and who brings joy and teaching with this.

If I said it to my teenage son...

It would be with the soft imagery of a flower dragon, a variation on the mythical creatures he himself loves to draw, and a means of acknowledging his fierce courage to face each new challenge, coupled with his natural propensity to be gentle, caring and nurturing of others. Perhaps I would add to this with the complexity of drawing on historical “flower codes” to really get him thinking. (Yes, seriously, coded messages using flowers really was a thing!)

I see you; creative, courageous, complex, and with a truly gentle heart, giving all your energies to growing into an awesome young man, and supporting others, as they grow along-side you, into wonderful young people themselves.

If I said it to my daughter...

It would be with sweetness of fairy lights tucked delicately wishing frangipani, to string across her wall, shining light, love and acceptance in her life, or perhaps with a hibiscus plant in a pot for her room, it’s flowers when blooming, as bright and stunning as she is.

I see you; our beautiful girl. You might be tucked away for now, like a bud, keeping safe while growing in strength each day, but your time for vibrancy will come; when your faith, leadership and service, which offers so much richnesss in your life and in those you touch, will shine like a beacon to others.

This, is how I would say it with flowers.

How would you?


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