Dear Mom...

I think my friend Evan made a bad decision...

He went to a party that he shouldn't have gone to and drank a lot of alcohol. He then took pictures of the party and himself and posted them all over Facebook! Now he is at risk of losing his sports scholarship.

Evan made a series of bad decisions including:

Participating in underage drinking.

Taking pictures of the party on his phone.

Not thinking about the consequences of posting pictures the pictures online.

Not thinking about how those pictures may impact his and his friends' future education and careers.


Created By
Jennifer Foung


Created with images by bogitw - "typewriter keys mechanically" • Gabiearodriguez - "Sad" • jarmoluk - "drink alcohol cup" • Unsplash - "concert performance audience" • coyot - "notebook macbook computer" • ToNic-Pics - "read education books"

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