Being 15 in Japan Isaac Waters

Japan is a country in the Pacific Ocean, and is part of Asia. It is a series of over 2,000 islands, and it has a population of around 130M people. Being 15 in this country is a lot like being 15 in America. It is stressful yet very exciting to be a Japanese teen, because there is a lot of pressure to do well, but also a lot of excitement.
It can be very stressful being a teenager in Japan. With 10 classes each day, it can be very overwhelming to get everything done. It must be impossible some nights to get everything done that needs to be done. (S, Cruise, "Life as a Japanese Teenager")
This could lead to the students becoming overwhelmed with work, and unable to keep up in school. This would be very stressful, and hard to deal with. I too receive sometimes an undoable amount of homework in a night, so I can understand how hard it must be to have 10 classes worth of homework. This is just one of the few things that makes life stressful for Japanese teens.
Another thing that can be stressful for Japanese teens is growing up and eating without a father. The dad in a Japanese family work day and night to supply for their families (S, Cruise ¨Life as a Japanese Teen¨). I can understand, because my mom struggles financially, and works very hard everyday to give us shelter and food
But there are many things for Japanese 15 year olds to be excited about.
A lot of Japanese students play sports after school, such as football. This is exciting for them, and something they like to do to release stress. Boys in Japan who play sports after school are seen as the ¨Cool guys¨. (¨Teenagers in Japan¨)
Another thing that makes teenagehood exciting for Japanese teens is all the exciting after school activities. Many teens are in bands that play anime music, and other upbeat music.
In conclusion, being 15 in Japan is stressful yet exciting, because of school, family, and the excitement brought by after school activities. It is a lot like being 15 in America because of how they interact socially, and what they like to do.


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