Oriental Art Center A journal of the PROCESS of this PROJECT

This project hasn't been to stressful, but I don't want to speak to soon. We hope that we can stay on top of our assignments, and get good grades at the end of the year on this class. All we have had to do so far is some research, and print a few things out. Looking up all of the cooking recipes turned out to be fairly easy. All and all a pretty good start.

After cutting out all out foam shapes

Cassie- I think that it is going very well , i am having so much fun.

Adam- I think it is a sticky situation but I mean it's going good.

Sam- I am concerned with how much I am burning myself with this glue gun.

Meghan- I am having a lot of fun with my group.

Starting our paper maché process
Sam gluing together out front panel

We had a few Dilemmas with the foam sticking together with the glue, but we managed to figure it out after a few tries. 

Adam paper mache

Adam and I worked on the paper meché to try to fix the bumps and lumps. This process has been very easy so far and not much has happened. We haven't had to many problems. I think that the only thing that happened was we ran out of materials halfway through the project.

Adam working on the video
Sam rolling clay

We had to role a lot of clay and we had some troubles with the clay breaking cause it was soft but eventually we managed to figure out how to keep it on the the building

Almost the final product
Final product

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