The Marietta Square Market: A new Dining Hall By Karlie Dobbs

Marietta, Georgia is a growing city and although the Marietta Square has been around for many years, about two years ago, the city made a decision to add a brand new dining all to the popular establishment.

The dining hall now features several new restaurants that are good for a quick snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner and on March 28th, the dining hall opened its’ doors for the first time. It welcomed all citizens from all over Georgia to come in and enjoy a great meal.

Some of the gimmicks you can buy at the market. (Photo by Karlie Dobbs)

Another great thing about the market was that it was not just a place that offered food but there were a couple of shops to explore too! So, if anyone wanted to do a little bit of shopping, it could definitely happen. As for the public’s opinion about the place, they absolutely loved it.

“We’ve been hearing about this place opening up for a while,” Eric said. “The main bar in the middle seemed like the most convenient place to grab beer so, I just got that while we were waiting on our burgers from Lucky’s Burgers and Brew; it’s really cute.”

Some customers, like Susan, showed up spur of the moment.

“I’m in one of those things that tells you when events come up,” Susan explained. “I saw that it was opening today so I called up my daughter, Hilary, and asked her if she wanted to go; she said yes, so here we are!”

Susan and Hilary at Street Taco. (Picture by Karlie Dobbs)

After hearing enough hype about the music, I decided to take get a taste of the market myself and made a stop to get some ice cream at Four Fat Cows.

The “Cotton Candy Explosion” ice cream from Four Fat Cows. (Picture by Karlie Dobbs)

The ice cream was incredible. For starters, all of the ice cream served at Four Fat Cows is gluten free and can even be served in a gluten free cone. I thought that was amazing because most of the time, you have to go to up-scale markets to find gluten free ice cream and it’s not even affordable. However, that’s not the case at Four Fat Cows.

I happened to really like the market because it reminded me a lot of Atlanta’s popular establishment, Ponce City Market; just a smaller version. It’s convenient because it’s right in the center of Marietta and the vibe, food and people are all great. So, if you are in the mood for great food and tons of great vibes, I would definitely recommend coming to check it out for yourself.

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