Karl Alexander Marketing Coordinator / Multimedia producer

Motivating Members to Action

Karl brings more than 10 years of professional film, video and multimedia production to every project.

From building homes with Coldwell Banker and Habitat for Humanity to saving mangrove forests with NASA and the US DoD, Karl is has developed a skill set for conveying the underlying message.

Corporate / Commercial / Fundraising / Educational

Highlighting & Building on Success

Social Media & Website Management

Created a web presence for the Caribbean's first Spanish Language Humane Education program as well as several videos and presentations that helped propel JUNTOS from a small program on a single island to an integrated part of the Puerto Rico public education system.

Telling Your Story in Your Words

Karl has directed bi-lingual interviews with Multinational CEOs, homeless families, government leaders, artists of every scale and athletes from High School to the Olympics. Everyone has a story to tell and Karl understands how to uncover and communicate them.

Multi-Cultural Interpretive Storytelling

Karl has over a decade of experience in taking a documentary-style approach to discovering the essence of a message in a way that can be translated across multiple languages and cultures.

Boots on the Ground Production

Karl gets his hands dirty, feet muddy and tripod covered in barnacles to get the angles he needs and the sound bites that matter.

Big Concepts - Easy to Digest

There is an art to telling a bigger story, to conveying a larger message, by presenting small, tasty bits that converge over time to affect a change.

Karl Alexander

(916) 533-2475 - karl@karlalexander.photography

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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Karl Alexander


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