September 2018 Edition

Welcome BUJSC Members to our September edition of The Juice, and what a great month it has been. Lots of fun was had at our annual fundraising Quiz Night, a big thank you to all who attended and donated goods for the auction. Unfortunately, none of our teams made it through to the Challenge Cup final, but we should be proud of how well our teams played and presented themselves. In this month's edition we have:

  • BUJSC Coach Spotlight (Part 2)
  • Quiz Night Highlights
  • Presentation Day outline
  • Parents & Players Information
  • Around the Grounds

BUJSC Coach Spotlight (Part 2)

Coaches are such an integral part of the Barossa United Junior Soccer Club giving so much of their time to support our children and help them grow as players and individuals, enjoying a game they love. In the second part of this feature The Juice goes behind the scenes in Q&A sessions to help us get to know “The Coach”.

Bill King – Colts Coach Bill King

Coached in 2012-2014 when his eldest son William was playing and now with his youngest son James playing in the Colts Bill has stepped up again to coach the colts this season.

TJ: What made you want to be a coach?

I was asked to coach my eldest son’s team (Colts) in 2012 when the previous coach was no longer available. I had been the “unofficial” assistant coach prior to that and I suppose it was a natural progression to take on the main coaching role.

TJ: Did you play soccer?

Yes, as a child growing up in England and as a teenager/young adult when we migrated to Australia. Once I started working I no longer had the time to train regularly so I stopped playing.

TJ: What is the best thing about being a coach?

Witnessing the growth of players over the years – how they increase their skills and understanding of the game. Also I have been lucky enough to coach both of my sons which I didn’t think I would be able to do.

TJ: What is the hardest thing about being a coach?

The Sunday morning early starts. There is a special place in hell reserved for the individual who decided on 8.30am kick offs on a Sunday morning. Thankfully we now play at a more civilised time of 10.30am.

TJ: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to players?

Give 100% and go out and enjoy yourselves.

TJ: What is something your team won’t know about you?

I was born in Manchester and support Manchester United.

TJ: Any memorable highlights from this season?

Playing the top team when we only had 10 players. Despite losing, the team gave them a run for their money and never gave up. A couple of players in particular really stepped up and showed me what they were capable of. It is a good bunch of players who enjoy a bit of banter on the pitch, and they are very supportive of each other and each week are getting stronger as a team. We also have excellent support from parents, family members and supporters who help with the canteen, BBQ, running the lines, Ground Marshal duties and most importantly being there for their kids.

Chris Smith – Women’s Coach

Chris has devoted many years to coaching having started in 2012 coaching his daughter in junior age groups from U12 to U15, also a separate U12 team in 2014. Chris is currently coaching the senior Women’s team.

TJ: What made you want to be a coach?

I became a coach as my daughters team needed a coach due to the incumbent coach moving from the Barossa.

TJ: Did you play soccer?

I played soccer from U9 up to Seniors for my home town, Wynyard Tasmania, then moved from home when I was 18 and played Aussie Rules.

TJ: What is the best thing about being a coach?

I enjoy being involved in an activity that gives many people a choice in local sport and seeing players develop not only as soccer players but as people through all the different aspects of team sport.

TJ: What is the hardest thing about being a coach?

The hardest thing is to see a player with a lot of talent not work hard to develop that talent through laziness or lack of confidence.

TJ: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to players?

The best advice i can give players is buy your own ball and to practice the basics as often as you can, dribbling, heading, throwing, kicking, controlling the ball and fitness. You can do this anywhere, anytime if you have a ball.

TJ: What is something your team won’t know about you?

I have lived in Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria before moving to South Australia.

TJ: Any memorable highlights from this season?

This is our women's team 3rd year of competition and we currently have players who were originally from Japan, England, Mexico, Solomon Islands, China as well as Australia, in past years we have had players from France, Peru and North America, we certainly have a world team for the world game.

Highlights of a recent Women's Team game.

Quiz Night

What a fun night! Taking lead from the recent political turmoil, it was definitely a numbers game on the leadership board, with not much separating the top 3. “Number 9” took an early, and what most thought unbeatable lead! The bonus round may have been their undoing. This allowed “Top of the Table” to creep up and overtake for a tie for first place with the strong performing “Great British Pub Quiz”.

The showdown was on! Toby Barlow and Paul Robinson stepped forward to claim victory in a challenge round. Confusion everywhere with answers being called in from all directions, so in the end it was settled like all good battles should be…. a dual to the death… oops no…..rock, paper and scissors! With "Top of The Table" coming away the winners!!!!!

Toby Barlow and Paul Robinson dual to the death to take home the top prize.

Final places were:

  1. Top of the Table (U12)
  2. Great British Pub Quiz with Two Honorary Aussies (U10 Green)
  3. Man Chest Hair United (U9 – and a few ring-ins)
  4. Number 9 (U9 + U10 mix)

Biggest surprise of the night? Who has actually been watching The Bachelor! A few people’s closet TV viewing habits were revealed and as they hung their heads in shame the shock reverberated around the room. 'The Honey Badger's' fan Club was strong!

Best team name honours went to “In Dog Beers I’ve Only Had One”; thanking the U7s table for their contribution to the bar and coming in a gallant 5th place.

Best effort to win a point goes to the team debating that Tiger Beers' origin of Malaysia should be a correct answer as Singapore is part of Malaysia. Mmmm... I don’t think that from 1963-1965 counts as present day brewing!

A really, really big thank you to all who came out and supported the BUJSC annual fundraising event, we ended up with 121 people through the door. That wonderful fundraising traditional of donating something and then buying it back has raised the Club $3700! So thank you.

On a serious note, these valuable funds will be used to purchase a Defibrillator, with this life saving piece equipment being on hand at the Club from next season.

There are some really big thank you’s that need to go out. This event takes lots of coordination and a big thank you to Vicky Ireland and Lynda McArdle for all their organisation and the wrapping of baskets from the goods that had been donated. Chris and Linda Smith for organizing and running the bar on the night. Chris and Linda also arranged the tables from the Novotel which saved considerable dollars. Thank you!

Huge thank you to all the companies who donated:

St Hallet Wines
Betta Electrical Barossa
Standish Wines
Lambert Wines
Yelland & Papps
Shonny & Gary Stevens for the amazing cheeseboards
Steinborner for the soccer passes and goods
Barossa Distilling Company
Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre

The tally of the funds raised on the night includes:

  • Auction $1,592
  • Door $1,210
  • Coin Toss and Games $413
  • Bar $1,681
  • Total $4,896

Expenses for the night included:

  • Liquor licence $100
  • Hall Hire $160
  • Truck hire $100
  • Heaters $308 (please note; we haven’t paid for the ones that caught on fire!)
  • Alcohol $530
  • Total $1198
Total raised was $3,698!
A few of the clever participants at the Quiz Night

BUJSC Presentation Day: Saturday 15 September

This year's Presentation Day is looking to be a fantastic day of great food and entertainment. All players will receive their participation awards, team photos and any special trophies will be awarded, so bring your cameras!

Time: 11am - 3pm, Saturday 15 September (your team's presentation time will be advised in due course).

Where: BUJSC Club Rooms

Free: All BUJSC members will receive free pizza and a drink. Tickets will be handed out by coaches on the day. Free entertainment includes a bouncy castle, Nerf Battle Zone, Gladiator Battle Zone and Face Painting.

Food for purchase will include: Pete's Mobile Wood-fired Pizzas, Kampung Kitchen dishes and Barossa Ice-cream. Pop-corn, lollies and soft drinks will be available from the canteen.

Please bring: Picnic blankets and chairs - BYO alcohol is also permitted. Kids who would like to participate in the Nerf Battle Zone need to bring along their own (named) Nerf Gun. Nerf bullets will be provided.

Anyone able to help from 9am to set up and after 3pm to pack up please contact George Triandafyllidis on 0411 053 151 - many hands make light work!

Player & Parent News

Quiz Night Pack Up

Thank you to the many helpers on Saturday night that helped pack up tables and do a general tidy up. And to all those who came back on Sunday morning to assist in cleaning up the Angaston Hall and loading all the tables back on the truck, thank you! Many hands make light work, and your assistance was greatly appreciated.

New U15 Girls Team: Call for expressions of interest

We are seeking 12, 13 and 14 year old girls keen to play in an all girls team and competition in the 2019 Season.

As the Elizabeth Districts League does not currently provide a girls competition, the team will be playing in the Federation League on Sunday mornings. Training times will be advised in due course.

This team is not intended to 'poach' players from current BUJSC teams, but to provide girls with another option, and hopefully prevent them from leaving the sport. Girls who have never played before are also more than welcome.

Please contact BUJSC Coach, George Triandafyllidis, to register your interest or for more information. M: 0411 053 151 E: georgetbusc@gmail.com

Treasurer Needed

The club is looking for a Treasurer for the 2019 season. This is a shared role as the club has a Match Day and Accounts Treasurers already. The commitment for this position is to attend monthly committee meetings and manage the payments of the registrations and sports vouchers. Please consider taking on this role, no prior experience is needed. Contact Chris Smith on 0487 164 962.

Presentation Day Boot Swap

There is a box full of boots that have been donated to the club from families as their children have grown out of them. We would love to be able to give some of these a new home. With children in the younger age divisions often needing a new pair each year, this is a great opportunity to get a second hand pair of boots in good condition. This box will be bought out on Presentation Day, have a look and feel free take a pair for next season! If you have a spare pair please bring them along.

Around the Grounds

Please send any photos of your recently games to include in our 'Around the Grounds' section to admin@barossaunited.com.au!

Contact Us

The Committee Members are always available to have a chat about how you can help out at the Club, or if you have any concerns or issues you would like to discuss please feel free to contact us.

Chris Smith - President

0487 164 962 or president@barossaunited.com.au

Lisa Ognjanovic - Secretary

0410 917 824 or admin@barossaunited.com.au

Felicity Trinne - Treasurer

0438 942 884 or treasurer@barossaunited.com.au

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