Good Life Spark Story: The Harn Museum Catucha Morand

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

In the first photograph, the first left-most photo, is an oil painting. As an artist myself, I understand the importance of medium and, furthermore the technique or techniques used. Oil paint requires multiple days to dry. Upon this the artist used a technique that purposely left negative space and a textured painted surface witch may have required layering. Without seeing the detail of this in person, one loses the effect the all the efforts and details lost in a simplistic photo that hides with intricacy of the painting.

Design of the Museum

The Harn Museam itself, presents the art works in such as way that the observer's experience of understanding the art is enhanced. All of the collections are presented share some kind of continuity that associates them together, but simultaneously also differentiates one from the other. In the second photograph from the left, I stand in front of a cloth design based on indigenous culture. The other art pieces related to culture, however they all presented different aspects or perspectives of culture. Because of such a brilliant design, the observer is pressed to think critically about how diversity and perspective and vary even within one culture.

Art and Core Values

In the third photograph, I stand in front of a series prints. Of all the art pieces, I saw during my visit I found this to be the most impressionable and personally, the most valuable. This series of prints were satirical news titles and poster commentaries on the injustice, inequalities women faced. Once again, as an artist myself, these prints were even emotional for me. They inspired me to want to work harder and be angrier at the industry for being able to continue with such injustices. One of my greatest core values is achievement. Being able to achieve my goals is one of the most important things to me in life so these prints reminded me of that. I actually will be looking forward to looking into more works by the Guerrilla Girls and how they continue to address societal issues.

Art and the Good Life

In the last photo, the one on the far right, I stand in front of an art piece that depicted both an illustration and interestingly, sheet music. One of the largest themes in Good Life is Meaning. See music presented as a physical piece of art truly puzzled me at first. However, the more critically I thought the more this made sense to me. We are to quick to separate art forms, such as music and physical art, and try and squeeze a meaning out of it. Instead of trying to constantly seek out meaning, we should in live life as is, let meaning find us if we will it. Trails and tribulations will be a part of the journey. No art piece nor music piece is ever made in one sitting with no revision. No is life meant to be the same way. Therefore, I took the art piece as a way to appreciate the Good Life of meaning in matters of acknowledgement, but not forceful pursuit.

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