The Harn Museum What is the good life

Motion Picture (Times Square)

I have seen this type of art work before but it was with paint and brushes but this work was done in a different process. The artist used lithographs and silkscreens to create the plein air effect. It was interesting to see a different process to achieve a similar effect. Plus the Yvonne Jacquette took a more precis and time consuming process. From personal experience I can say using plein air painting over using silkscreens as a process is more fun. With plein air painting, one can add layers of paint on top of each other creating another form of texture to the artwork.

The main reason this part of the museum was appealing to me was the use of physical space. By creating one large open space with other small spaces to both sides really gives the sense of a complete system. As well as the use of thresholds both with the entrance and the small spaces on the sides. Other defining features would included the large paneled glass wall allowing a lot of natural light which is different in an art museum. The materials used in this portion of the museum were harmonious with the art occupying the space as well as the other materials. And the circulation flows well throughout the entire space, due to the sparing use of thin columns.


This artwork is by Boardman Robinson and the value I see in it is not only hard work but also a sense of community and friendship. The painting depicts a group of people working on something around the year 1920s. Showing the group of people working together shows a sense of friendship among the workers. And the one value that I cherish the most is the ones I love, which include family and friends. But also due to the way I grew up I learned from a young age about the worth of a dollar.


This sculpture to me embodied a theme about the Good Life. The title of the piece is called Family and like I said above there is nothing more important than family. The sculpture depicts two larger figures (the parents) and a small figure in the middle (the child). This sculpture demonstrated the theme of family very well. But to me it isn't just the love of a family member but supporting and protecting them. Which is also depicted in the sculpture, with the child in the middle it gives the parents a sense of protection.

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