It's A Sign bY: aSHTON rOGERS

It has always been a dream and a goal of mine to play college football since I was a little kid and tomorrow was the day I had to make the decision where I was going to continue my academic and athletic career. I couldn't make up my mind of what school I wanted to go to. The night before I prayed that god would give me a sign when I was sleeping and when wake up I would know what my decision was. God did just that, he always comes through! When I woke up at that morning I was in the middle of a dream. The dream started of with my family and I running late to our flight. The guy that checked our bags asked us where we were going and my mom said " De Moines, Iowa". So, then we made it passed security and we quickly ran to our check in. Unfortunately we didn't make it... So, we waited and waited for the next flight and we got on the flight to De Moines to visit Drake University one of the places I was looking at go play football. Then the worst thing happened for some reason we landed somewhere that wasn't the de moines airport. So, we waited and waited for the next flight and then right when we got on the plan something wasn't working right with the plane. This kept happening over and over my dream and we never made it to Iowa...

PLANE: I feel like the symbol of the plane represented me going to a far place. It would take lots of work.

De Moines, Iowa: Was a symbol because It is where Drake University was and Drake was my top choice School but there was a lot of doubt.

Delayed/ Being late/ Never getting there: I feel like it was a symbol because it showed me that since i never got there even though I tried super hard that I shouldn't go there it was a sign to me.

Stressing out/ Giving up: Seeing my parents and I stressed out in the dream gave me a sign of how I was going to feel when I am there. Stressed out by not seeing anybody I Know, being far and having the feeling of giving up.

I feel like my dream fits all three models but, I feel like it best represents the model below.

Psychologists from the Cognitive perspective believe dreams provide important information, help us make needed changes in our life, and even suggest solutions to real-life problems. Using this view, what do you believe your dream is trying to tell you or what do you believe your dream means?

This dream meant a lot to me because since I was dealing with such a stressful and big decision and which I had to make the next day. So, its pretty crazy to me that I had the dream that I did that night. I truly believe my dream was trying to tell me that I should go to Drake University because I could never make it there in my dream. I truly believe god put that dream in my head for a reason and i had that dream for a reason. It was not my destiny to go there. So, the next day on signing day I decided not to go there. The dream had a big role in my decision.

Left to Right Me, Hayden Howren, Kyle Ohlen, and Wade Smith


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