MCOM-2400-002 Erin Walker

This is my lifestyle blog where I usually talk about my college town, life changing experiences and lessons learned.

The next project I would like to share is my podcast. The purpose of my podcast is to help my audience understand simple ways to save money while in college. Here is a link to my podcast

This is my Photo Story Assignment that I partnered with Sahara Fletcher on. Our subject of inspiration was ETSU-CON. The two day convention takes place at ETSU's D.P Culp Center

Next is my newsletter on Made in East Tennessee screening at Real to Reel Theatre

Due to technical difficulties our team video assignment crashed.

I would summarize my experience on all of these projects as a reminder that I am a work in progress. My work ethic, communication skills and time management are all crucial to me succeeding. In the future I hope to learn more about how to communicate myself clearly and belief in my artistic value. My weakness is that I give up on myself. I enjoyed collaborating with some of my classmates on assignments


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