What Does Christmas Mean to You?

Christmas may mean a lot of different things to different people. For some, Christmas means shopping and feasting. Yet for others, Christmas means giving presents and renewing ties with friends and family. However, the most important meaning for Christians is given in John 3:16—“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Yes, Christmas is a celebration of how God has given His Son Jesus to transform lives and society. May we celebrate this Christmas by joining God in transforming lives and society.

Rev Dr Casey Ng, President




ETHOS Conference 2018 - Theological Education in Singapore

President Casey spoke on theological education as ministerial formation to empower leaders for service, using ACTS College as an example. Theological education as ministerial formation is an evolving challenge but one that must be taken up to meet the changing needs of the ministry context.



Mission Ignite

Mission Ignite is an annual event organized by our student committee members to reach the unreached in our communities. This year, the Mission Ignite focused on Chinese migrant workers. Under the guidance of faculty member Mr Isaac, a special event was put together. Students, faculty and their family members alike gathered together to bless our migrant neighbours with songs, food, fellowship, and sharing of the good news!


使命点燃特会是由学生委员会组织的年度活动,旨在接触一些我们还未接触过的社群。 今年的使命点燃特会的焦点是中国客工。 在教师黄广荣弟兄的指导下,一个充满活力的文化活动在进行之中。 学生们,教师们和他们的家人聚集在一起,用歌曲、食物、团契和好消息的分享来祝福我们的邻舍!

APTA Theological Symposium 2018

Faculty member Dr Davina led in a workshop, “Practising hospitality in theological classrooms,” on September 12, 2018. A hospitable learning environment creates a supportive environment that promotes learning and positive student outcomes. Dr Davina defined hospitality as constituting of four elements—care, inclusion, presence, reciprocity. For each element, biblical basis was given, and its challenges, identified and explicated. Lively discussions ensued as the participants explored how they could practically practise each element in their classrooms. After all, every teacher wants their students to succeed!


教师Davina博士于2018年9月12日主持了一个研讨会,名为“在神学课堂上实践好客”。一个好客的学习环境会创造一个有支持性的环境,这环境能促进学习并让学生获得积极的成果。 Davina博士将好客定义为四个要素 - 关怀,包容,存在,互惠。 每一个元素都提供了圣经支持,并说明了这些元素所遇到的挑战、元素的定义和解释。之后,与会者们在会堂上进行了热烈的讨论,探讨了如何实践每一个元素。毕竟,每个教师都希望自己的学生成功 !

Homecoming-Thanksgiving Dinner 2018

ACTS College is proud to celebrate our 41st anniversary. First established in 1977 as Bible Institute of Singapore (BIS) to train leaders for ministry, it grew and was renamed as the Assemblies of God Bible College (AGBC) in 1998. Eventually, AGBC was incorporated as a limited company in 2014 as ACTS College. This November we celebrate another year of providing theological and ministerial guidance to men and women who seek to deepen and broaden their commitments to God. Take a peek at what happened at our 41st anniversary dinner here!


ACTS学院很荣幸的庆祝了我们的41周年。学院最初成立于1977年,当时是新加坡圣经学院(BIS),为事工培训领袖,学院不断成长并于1998年更名为神召会神学院(AGBC)。最终,AGBC于2014年更名为ACTS学院成为有限公司。 今年11月,我们庆祝了我们又一年成功地向我们的学习社群提供神学和事工指导给那些寻求更深更多委身上帝的男女。此处查看我们的41周年纪念日视频 。

Graduation Ceremony 2018

On 11 November, more than 400 guests joined ACTS College in celebrating the 40th Graduation Exercises at Sembawang Assembly of God. Twenty-nine Pentecostal leaders walked down the aisle and received their well-deserved diplomas. Another 19 participants from ACTS-Supernatural School of Ministry also received their certificates of attendance. We rejoice to see how far the Lord has guided each of the graduates.



Be a Partner in God's Mission

As we look forward to 2019, we invite you to partner together with us in raising up the next batch of Pentecostal leaders to transform lives and society. Your partnership can help to subsidise 70% of the costs needed to equip the next batch of leaders. Do consider becoming a mission partner with ACTS College to fulfil God's mission to transform lives and society. Please make your special Christmas gift to “ACTS College Limited” today.


在我们期待2019年之际,我们邀请您成为我们的合伙人,共同培养下一批五旬宗领袖,一起参与改变生活和社会的事工。您的参与将为下一批的领袖补贴他们所需的70%费用。请加入ACTS学院成为我们的使命合伙人,一起成就上帝改变生活和社会的使命。今天就给“ACTS College Limited”特别的圣诞礼物吧。




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