Rabbit’s Revenge By Tom Morello

The Atlas Underground

2018 | Electronic

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I grab his pepper spray, find his eye, spray some — Fight for my life like a mother fucking Trayvon — Fight for my life like a mother fucking Mike Brown — 'Cause I refuse to be the next nigga shot down.


  • The song also features Big Boi, Killer Mike & Bassnectar.
  • The album was Morello’s second following seven years after his first post-Rage Against The Machine solo-record.
  • Morello’s father participated in the Mau Mau Uprising and was Kenya's first ambassador to the United Nations.


Luke Tatum

"We pay their salaries and they pay us back with mistreatment." It's almost as if the police are a gang of thugs, isn't it? This is a foray into the long history of abuses the populace has sustained at the hands of police. The video adds a certain solemnity to an otherwise jammin' song, by flashing the names, birth years, and death years of individuals killed by so-called "officers of the law," each time the chorus is played. Speaking of the chorus, what a poetic way to present the issue: "It ain't no fun, when the rabbit got the gun." Police are all smiles and laughs. Respectable members of the community. That is, until you are the subject of their antagonism. Then you become a rabbit. Small game, easily hunted. Chased by dogs. Killed for fun. So, what's the answer to that problem? Arming ourselves, of course. Be the rabbit with the gun.

Sherry Voluntary

Tom Morello, from one of my favorite bands, Rage Against The Machine, hits one out of the park with this one about police brutality and racism. Rabbits revenge is a allusion to a method of rabbit hunting, where the hunter uses dogs to chase down and track rabbits. The line “It ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun,” is a turn of the tables where the rabbit, in this case victims of the police, hunt the cops and give them a taste of their own medicine. This song also points to how predatory police practices are. There is in the normie world the idea that police need to patrol in order to keep us safe. The reality is that they are out looking for opportunities to generate revenue by interjecting themselves into the lives of people who are minding their own business. The thin blue line is not police standing in between the populace and the bad guys. The thin blue line is the police standing with each other against everyone else.

Nicky P

I’m on the opposite side of Sherry, I think RATM might just be the most overhyped band to ever create music. This song on the other hand grabbed my attention immediately, probably because Big Boi & Killer Mike are interesting musicians. I sometimes forget that Morello is mixed race, I think my inability to sense gradations between Nigerian & Italian is a positive thing, the brave new world sees it differently. However it would appear the higher powers above don’t see things the same as I do. If they did we might need a different excuse for why they’d give frightened men a badge and a gun and send them into neighborhoods with different cultures as an occupying force. The list of names that runs during the chorus is jarring and incredibly disheartening. Being a resident of Cleveland my mixed race daughter has played in the park Tamil Rice was murdered in. Every couple months we hear about that officer trying to get another job as a cop somewhere further from the city. He hasn’t outrun his reputation quite yet thankfully. I can see my writing getting a little more fragmented than usual on this one, so allow me to end by saying. I understand the black perspective on this, the media has done well to instill the racial divisiveness on this issue by overpromoting black police executions and ignoring white ones in the media. The problem is that it’s not a race issue it’s a “the state is murdering us all” issue and until that understanding can be reached I don’t see the party lines being crossed to accomplish real reform.

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Nicky P

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