The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell By: CHRIS colfer reviewed by:sebastian molina

In The Land of Stories, twins Alex and Conner go face-to-face with the unbelievable. It all starts with a magical story book that there grandma gave to them. With this book it took them into the land of stories, and the only way out seemed to be impossible expect by the "wishing spell" which grants them any wish. To be able to obtain the spell the need items that only the royals in each kingdom had in this land. This took Alex and Conner on a adventure. But to end up the novel the wishing spell was wasted by the evil queen that tried to stop them all along in this quest. They had thought all there hope was lost... The oh so powerful Fariy Godmother turned out to be their grandmother and traspoted the back home safely.

For the book of the Land of Stories,i personally love it because it's different from other fairytale novels .Iwould recommend I for people that just loves to read .This book has a slow start but it has a powerful ending. It is inspiring ,it tells me to conquer impossible and to strive for the best.

From The book of the land of stories these are some videos below showing a review of the book form the another himself and a trailer that some kids made.

"Alex was no longer in her bedroom. She was falling into a world of light."-Colfer.80


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