Palestine. By jordan bauman

This is the country of Palestine. It has a population of 4.17 million people. It's economy is mostly based off of textiles and olives.

For most of its modern history, palistine has been in a state of war with Israel because both Israel and palistine claim the same territory as theirs. The international response has been to treat them as two separate states.

This is the leader of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas

President Donald Trump supports the idea of a one state solution regarding Israel and palistine. He believes that Israel should be able to absorb palistine, and the Palestinians will be given equal representation.

This is an isreali soldier named elor azaria.

He was found guilty of manslaughter and was forced to serve 18 months in prison and suffer a demotion after he shot and killed a wounded Palestinian man. Many palistinians are outraged over this ruling and feel like justice has not been served. To them this trial is a representation of how Israel is able to get away with bullying their country without suffering any consequences.

These are the official borders between Israel and Palestine. The Gaza strip is also apart of Palestine

These are what the official borders are between Israel and palistine as of 2017

However the reality is what we see on the far right.

Massive parts of the West Bank of the Jordan river, which was once almost entirely under palistinian control is now being occupied by Israel, and isreali settlers are moving to these areas. This has caused many tensions. Especially over the water, as the isreali government now has control over all water supplies and rations out the water. Isreali citizens are given 5 times as much water as the Palestinians. Obviously many Palestinians feal like they are being invaded, however the only foreign intervention to happen thus far was a comment made by U.S president Donald Trump when he asked Israeli prime minister to halt colonization of the West Bank.

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