Cardio Respiratory? How to be Healthier and How it works

Have you ever wondered how your body works? Well, your cardiorespiratory system is the main part of how your body works It gives your organs and cells oxygenated blood and nutrients as well as other important substances to survive, grow and provide. Just think of when your heart hurts and when you're running, it uses your Cardiorespiratory system to keep your body alive, as annoying as it may seem there is a complex system of which more complicated than a city! There is still so much you don’t know, even science doesn’t.

Well first to understand how your cardio-respiratory system works you need to know what it does.

Your Systemic Circulation gives oxygenated blood, nutrients and other important substances to cells and organs while you're pulmonary circulation goes to your lung and gets the oxygen to pass through the heart. When arteries and veins meet is called a capillary, where they stem off and arteries turn into your main nerves. In your pulmonary capillaries another key thing is your vesicles which are small little liquid filled bags that transport carbon dioxide away, then wow, your body just filtered your blood and now you have nutritious oxygenated blood! This is a key cycle which also extremely fast, then your pulmonary arteries transport the good blood to your left atrium in your heart, then it goes in on your second heartbeat to your left ventricle and into your artery with oxygenated blood. They mentioned before the end of a capillary and the blood is transported to your organs and cells. Then this is now nerves, which go to your right atrium in your heart to right ventricle to pulmonary arteries.

Well, your veins always go to your atriums in heart, then your ventricles go always to arteries and arteries go to nerves always. Oxygen enters capillaries in pulmonary system and nerves go to heart with blood to systemic arteries with oxygenated blood to capillaries in the systemic system and are given to cells and organs. Nerves go to heart with non-oxygenated blood and go to pulmonary arteries to go to capillaries in lungs to get oxygen and start the cycle again, NCBI says.

Air enters our lungs more than 20,000 times a day. You definitely know you can breathe through your mouth and nose, although you might not know what air does under. This is your ‘preferred’ airway of your two proved by scientists. This is because when you inhale your air your nasal hairs on the sides of your nose are like mini filters which give your body cleaner air. We also use our mouths to breath but this is not preferred and less sanitary, although it is good if we are tired when running and when your nose is blocked Our throats are unique and different but we all know they collect the air from our mouths and noses, but instead of sending them to food land they are separated and sent to your windpipes. Your windpipes shoot them down on a travel adventure to your Bronchial Tubes, which are tubes to your lungs from your windpipe. Your bronchial tubes have cilia, which are small hairs that clean air with carbon dioxide, and then the food is sent to your lungs, it then starts your pulmonary system and yay! we got clean air.

Be healthy with some nifty tricks listed below to improve yourself and be happy again! You and your heart can be healthier by remembering your yearly checkup with your doctor to make sure you have a good cholesterol and blood sugar level. Another thing you can do is exercise to burn calories and fat, remember that food and water are vital! Eating more vegetables will be healthy for your body and will slowly become a good habit but just remember to drink more water(MORE!). water to stay hydrated and that bottle will strengthen your arm, be strong and healthy. Watch your salt and cholesterol intake because if you're not careful you will have Heart Attack or a nasty trip to the doctor so be careful with the foods you eat, be alert at all times. Stay positive and give credit, if you get far off track, stop you can do it and just believe and be good to yourself on the hard work you put forward, positivity and believing is the ultimate weapon. Another thing is weight management, reduce your calories with veg and exercise. For adults, a big thing is smoking cigarettes, which are rolled up Tobacco slips with nicotine and chemicals. This bad habit has trapped millions and you are at a 20X risk for cancer if you do smoke. You can stop if you have half a mental mind unless you're too far through. On day one, cut intake in half. On the third-day cut intake in half. The fifth day, in half. The tenth day, QUIT. Also try to stay away from second and third-hand smoke which could still be harmful, eliminate all smokers like the TERMINATOR! If you still have troubles seek help from friends and see a therapist, don’t be embarrassed, you can conquer addiction with help if you are brave enough to ask. Stay away from most forms of pollution indoor and outdoor, the fire pit you find cozy is actually sending fumes down your throat to your soon to be crying lungs and it your fault doesn't make a mistake! Be Healthy!

We can be healthy and we have a city down under relying on each other, we are humans and science is so ever expanding to a point where we don’t even know how we have got there. Our body is still growing and evolving and you as a person can dive deeper than ever to find answers! How will we evolve and how do we work! This is growing and you can find more with little effort, my largest source was NCBI, click link to know more and improve your knowledge, thank you for reading!


Arteries, tubes that carry blood to capillaries./ Veins, tubes that carry blood to heart./ Atrium, A top lobe of your heart./ Ventricle, lower lobe of heart./ Bronchial Tubes, Small tubes carrying air to lungs./ Circulation, a looped Cycle like your Pulmonary and Systemic Circulation./ Cigarette, a rolled up Tobacco slips with nicotine and chemicals people smoke./ Pulmonary, relating to lungs./ Systemic, refers to a cycle./ Heart, is a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system./ Lungs, are each of the pairs of organs situated within the rib cage, consisting of elastic sacs with branching passages into which air is drawn, so that oxygen can pass into the blood and carbon dioxide be removed./ Capillaries, a fine branching blood vessels that form a network between the arterioles and venules.



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