This week the college was only open 3 days out of the 5 due to a bank holiday and teacher training day, because of this I got slightly less done than I had hoped. This week I managed to still finish the foliage for the for level 2 and start the tile creation of levels 3 of which I got about 20% of the way though. The fact that we only had 3 days this week instead of 5 meant that I couldn't finish the end of the 3rd level this week like I had planned. Hopefully I can get it done by the Monday or mid Tuesday next week. I could avoid these kind of confusions in the future by finding out days off ahead of time to be able to effectively plan around it.

This week I also got my first sound added to the game, I added a coin pick up sound, the sound is a short 8-bit "ding" gotten from free For the rest of my sound, depending on the sound I will be either creating it myself using Audio equipment at the college or for things that are hard to replicate like pick up noises which i will be using free for which i think is a fair idea because of how far i would need to go to create an audio clip suitable for picking up items that would only last for half a second at most.

Screenshot of

Over the next 3 weeks I feel like I need some kind of guide lines to follow to ensure I don't forget anything crucial to the projects final product. So I plan on finishing the final level, adding sound to the levels, then play though them to test for any bugs, any bugs found I will then debugging them to ensure that by hand in day the game is as polished as realistically possible.

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