Creative Carvy 🖌By Charlie moran🎨

Research: For my reaserch, The only pictures that really inspired me where just pictures of paint brushes, the,"be creative" words, or rainbow paint, which kind of lead me to the result. This:

Design: As you can see here, I wanted to make some kind of original and inspiring thing. And then I thought, what about something creative. Or something that asks people to be original. Or creative. And, unlike that one carving, which says "Normalniss leads to sadness," which is on the right track, but sounds a little depressing. So instead of saying that being normal makes you sad, I decided to go for a more positive approach, like instead of saying the negative consequences, saying the positive side of things, namely, "Be creative." I also thought about reversing it and making the paint brush white, but, (aside from the fact that it would take about an hour to carve) something about it didn't feel right. Maybe it was the fact that the paint/paintbrush wouldn't have any color, or just the overall feel, but either way I think it turned out pretty good.

Preparing: This step was actually pretty easy, seeing as all I had to do was take a picture of my drawing, airdrop it to my computer and then import it to Easel. Then once I had filled out all the requirements, (drill bit size,materiel, etc.) I played around a little with the size, thickness and depth of the lines, trying to get it just right, you know? I also had to shrink, rotate and resize it a couple of times.

Carving: While it was carving, it took different steps then I thought it would, like carving the tip of the brush, then moving on to the middle of the brush, then going back to a letter, etc. The machine drills in to a block of whatever material, and follows the pattern you put into it via Easel. I also found out how it drills. Before, I thought it was just a one-size-fits-all drill, but it turns out that there are different drill bits for different designs and materials.

Reflection: My project actually turned out a lot better than I thought. I feel like I balanced the positive and negative spaces pretty well, because of how I did the paint brush. I'm most proud of the letters, and how I managed to do the "splattered" look. I probably could've done a better job on the paintbrush itself. Overall, I really liked this project, mainly because I got to draw something, and then have it put on a block of something.😄

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