Oakfield News Issue 59 15th May 2020

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Note from our Head

This newsletter and the Roll of Honour roll-call stands testament to the incredible work and creativity being shown by our Oakfield children. My thanks and admiration go out to all the parents, staff, and of course the children themselves, for working, playing and creating in such amazing and diverse ways. Have lovely weekends.

Moyra Thompson

NHS Displays

Well done to Alexander from 5NA, in his homemade painted t-shirt, clapping and pan-banging for the NHS this, and every, Thursday. Continue to send your photos or videos showing your support for the NHS to bgolden@dulwich.sch.uk.

Alexander earning his rainbow stripes!

House Captains

Well done to all our duly elected House Captains and Vice-Captains for this term!

Ruskin House Captain - Serena

Baird House Captain - J'adel

Baird Vice Captain - Lauren

Pearsall House Captain - Tess

Pearsall Vice Captain - William

Webster House Captain - Luke

Webster Vice Captain - Louis

Lower Foundation

Our topic at the moment is is commotion in the ocean and our children in school made a huge fish tank! The children made a rather large rainbow fish too - he’s fabulous at sharing his scales! We discussed behaviours we would will be taking to our new classrooms, such as listening, turn taking and of course sharing like the rainbow fish!

A large fish in an even bigger pond!


This week in Upper Foundation we have been learning about Little Red Riding Hood! It was wonderful to see so many children visit their local woods as part of their learning, and to ensure they explore the outdoors for their wellbeing.

Here are a few examples of how the children have used their creativity in exploring this week's topic - fantastic 'Grandma' disguises, creative maps of the route Little Red Riding Hood followed and amazing clocks!

In Maths, our focus was time. So many children played "What's the time, Mr Wolf?" and learnt how to make clocks to read time to o'clock and half past.

In Literacy, we were amazed at how well the children immersed themselves into the character of Little Red Riding Hood and wrote these beautiful diary entries...

A special Well Done to Sophia Hall, who has completed all her Magic 300 Key Words. Fantastic learning!

I want to extend a special THANK YOU to all the parents who are contributing so well to their children's learning and enjoyment of the topics. We love seeing how creatively you explore the topic and how happy the children are in doing what they enjoy with you at home.

Next week, we look forward to building bridges with the Three Billy Goats Gruff!

With thanks,

The Upper Foundation Team

If you go down to the woods today...

Year 1

Year 1 have had another fun filled week of learning.

Thank you to all the families for sending in such wonderful photos of the children. It has been lovely to see what our classes have been learning and exploring at home. The children have been very curious and creative demonstrating many of Oakfield’s 6 C’s through their activities.

We are really enjoying our Roald Dahl theme in English and the children seem to be learning a lot too. The children showed some of their lovely chocolate bar designs on the Teams calls with their class. They have been very creative using their imagination. We had a range of delicious chocolate bars from the Flying Ice Cream Bar, a Toffiollie, The Happiness Bar, the Police Van Bar, the Woof Woof bar, a gluten free bar for dogs and even a Rowan Wonka cake! Some children decided to replicate their chocolate bars by making them! Willy Wonka eat your heart out!

We are so grateful to all families for their efforts and creativity with supporting the children with their learning this week. There has been such a range of projects being sent to teachers. We have seen smoothies being made, portraits of the Queen for our London Topic, pom-pom crafts and games played outdoors. The children are working very hard.

We hope you have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

Microsoft Teams meeting week 5:

  • Monday 18th May 11.15am
  • Thursday 21st May 12.45pm

Many thanks

The Year One Team

Those bottom 2 cakes look more like an everlasting heartstopper!

Year 2

Year 2 have been completing English work inspired by the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. They thought about how the characters were feeling and recreated this in a freeze frame they sent to their teachers. Can you guess what emotion they are showing?

Emotion in the ocean

In Art in Year 2 we have been looking at making and drawing exotic birds.

The children were asked to create a card parrot and blend colours to draw any bird they like.

Here are 3 children from 2MF who have shared their work!

Bird is the word

Year 3

Roman these lands...

In Year 3, children have been learning about the Romans and in particular, the Roman invasion of Great Britain. A fierce Celt called Boudicca did not want to let the Romans rule so gathered an army together to fight back. Henry has created a Roman wanted poster for Boudicca and has even tea stained it and burnt the edges to make it look older and more authentic! And there's an amazing wanted poster from James featuring some incredible artistic skills!

Boudicca appears in some difficulty with the law
And another couple of great adverts from Rueben and Elijah

Year 4

Some great science in evidence below!

Not Science fiction

And Yannick has been learning about creating gold leaf pieces and creating beautifully written instructions as to how to do it. A thoroughly deserved Roll of Honour!

A gold leaf medal winner here

Year 5

Year 5 and 6 have been learning about ratio in Maths and looking at recipes.

Viviana in Year 5 made these lovely cupcakes, using ratio to adjust the recipe.

  • While this week's topic in SCIENCE is seed dispersal.
No plants were harmed during the making of this nature documentary

Year 6


Well done to Eddie who has been awarded a Roll of Honour for his wonderful Science work over recent weeks including these pieces on adaptation. Well done Eddie!

Eddie will have to adapt to life on the Roll of Honour!

Friday Maths Challenge

This week the Maths Challenge from Mr Hancock is in video format. Can you work out the answer?


Sketching Challenge: Faces

There were some great contributions to the Transport Challenge last week. Please see our gallery of entries below:

One thing I am missing at the moment is seeing the faces of my friends and family, so I thought it might be nice to see some friendly faces in the gallery this week. It's amazing really that the key ingredients of a face are the same for all of us; two eyes, eyebrows, two ears, a nose and a mouth. Even the proportions of our features are the same and yet we all look so different!

To help us get everything in the right place, we can use measurements: eyes are in line with the top of ears; bottom of the nose is in line with the bottom of the ears; corner of the eye is in line with the side of the nose; centre of the eyes is in line with the corner of the mouth. See if you can make your portraits as life like as possible. If your family are busy or you want to draw someone who is not in your household, use a photo instead and help us create a gallery of smiley faces.

I have drawn my husband, Iain. He is at home with me, but I just love his smiley face!'

Mrs Fidler

If anyone finds this man, please return him to Mrs Fidler


Tortilla Time!

Roll of Honour for Raphael for his great step-by-step instructions for making tortillas!

And Roll of Honour to Charlie in 5AZ for his great video too:

Composer of the Week

Walt Disney

Dear musical wanderers,

This Composer of the Week special locks itself down in the House of Mouse. If, like us, you have been using your time around the home to explore the delights of Disney+ you may have stumbled across the musical smorgasbord that is Fantasia. Whilst most of us would recognise The Sorcerer's Apprentice, we may have forgotten that Fantasia was an exploration of some truly memorable classical works, set to groundbreaking animations. Its animation was not the only innovative aspect of the film, as it was the first feature ever to be presented in stereo, where the left and right speakers play different sounds. There are many ways to watch Fantasia, with snippets on YouTube, but a free Disney+ trial is also available. There is also the sequel, Fantasia 2000 for those who need more musical magic!

He'll never make it in Hollywood...

Birthdays and House Points

This week's birthdays are:

  • 11th Amaarah UFWN,Charlie 3CM, Eli 3CF
  • 12th Lucas 4JM, Asha 1SD
  • 13th Elodie 3CF
  • 16th Ophelia UFWN
  • 17th Isaiah UFSP

House Points are as follows:

  • Baird - 10,171
  • Pearsall - 10,147
  • Ruskin - 9,459
  • Webster - 9,736

Roll of Honour

Beth (2CS) - English

Yannick (4JM) - 6Cs

Raphael (5AZ) - Spanish

Charlie (5AZ) - Spanish

Eddie (6AH) - Science


Created with images by Gayatri Malhotra - "untitled image" • Alex Jackman - "Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk" • Austin Neill - "untitled image" • Jeremy Bishop - "untitled image" • Masaaki Komori - "untitled image" • Amy-Leigh Barnard - "Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom" • Tengyart - "Painted eggs expressing a range of emotions from joy to depression." • Virginia Choy - "The Roman Baths" • Robert Keane - "untitled image" • Wayne M. - "Multicoloured Bunting" • Giorgio Trovato - "untitled image" • Annie Spratt - "Child completing maths homework" • @plqml // felipe pelaquim - "untitled image" • sydney Rae - "untitled image" • MARK S. - "Vinyl + Grado Headphones" • Nikhita Singhal - "Birthday cake" • 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum - "untitled image"