The History of the USSR By: Brooke Meserve

@Communist "We thought of big ideas about how to run the country!" #itsinourhands

@Joestal "I am the most successful of all these successors" #getatme

@JoeStal "The 1920's are my years and the Soviet Union is mine!" #Iownitall

@JoeStal "My plan worked but the millions starved to death" #oops

@JoeStal "I am done with all this stress!!" #RIP2Me

@NikkiKhrush "I am the most powerful now!!" #Noonecantakeover

@NikkiKhrush "The speech I spoke tonight exposed @joestal" #whatshegoingtodo #murderer

@NikkiKhrush "It's not fair they can "undo" me as leader" #thisisntover

#LeoBrez "I will get this country back on track!!" #herewego

@LeoBrez "I refuse to leave office, I'm fine!" #2strokes #cantkillme

@MikGord "I'm a deal maker and I make peace" #Peacemaker #peacelovelive

@SovietUnion "we made big money deals, with money we didn't have" #broke #nomoremoney

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Brooke Meserve


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