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Production Company

A production company is a media institution whose role is to actually create the production. They receive funding from distribution companies but also earn funding through private investors. If a company has been involved in a very successful production in the past then they are considered to be a major production company. Examples of major production companies include: Dreamworks Ltd, MGM and Time Warner (owned by Warner Brothers)

For 'Voices' an independent production company is the more likely fit for success. This is because we have a low production budget, our product is driven by narrative and not by big stars, there is no romantic sub-plot and overall we have a niche audience.

Our production Company

Our Logo

We choose the name 'Flipped Productions' because the word flipped suggests to our audience that we are different and that our production 'Voices' is unique and certainly worth a watch. This is all conveyed to our audience through our production company logo (just above).

The flipped 'F' firstly fits with the message of the rest of the logo. However it also creates a sense of confusion and enigma. These are crucial elements in all psychological horror productions, including ours. It also shows that we are concentrating on how other production companies could combine with us to create a product and increase profit, which is an example of synergy.

The production company we choose to produce 'Voices' with us...

We choose 'Focus Features' to be the production company for 'voices' for a variety of reasons. Firstly they have had tremendous success with productions such as:

  1. 50 Shades of Grey - Grossing $528 Million
  2. The Theory of Everything - Grossing $124 million
  3. Brokeback Mountain - Grossing $178 million

Other than these huge box office successes, Focus features have also produced a number of films which have the same audience as 'Voices' and have been very successful. For example: 'Session 9', 'They' and 'Thirst'.

This company produces and distributes foreign and independent films. This is benefits 'Flipped Productions' as they have built themselves great reputation through the successful productions. Also the types of movies they produce such as "Caroline" and "sinister" provide the same foreboding atmosphere that our production 'Voices" does.

Distribution Companies

A distribution company is responsible for getting the final product out into the public eye through a successful advertising campaign, which may include posters, teaser trailers and theatrical trailers, among over aspects. They also decide the realease date and decide which platforms the product will be available on.

The big 6 distributors are Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal, Sony Pictures and Walt Disney. These are the richest companies who only take on mainstream, high production value movies and as a result would be inappropriate for voices. We choose a smaller distributor called...

Below is a link to 'Transmission Films' most recent product. It's called 'LION' and isn't a film of our genre but it's an example of a Transmissions trailer.

Our distribution company and why?

We chose 'transmission films' as they are a leading independent films distributer. I believe this company will also produce the perfect marketing campaign to make our psychological horror piece successful and make us a tidy profit.

They are an Australian based company which was founded in 2008. They started as partners with paramount pictures, however they recently became independent after Paramount dropped the company. This is a positive as it means they have the buckets of experience to effectively distribute our product on a large scale.

Three of their distributed films, The King’s Speech, Shame and Lion have won oscars. We also want our piece to prosper in our niche target audience bringing in lots of revenue to make to make sure production costs are covered and maybe even provide support for a sequel. Although, they focus the majority movies towards Australian and New Zealand audiences, they had success in foreign markets such as "made in America' which won an academy award. We want our production 'Voices' to thrive as our debut movie and we believe Transmission films is the perfect platform from which to do so.

The Exhibition

Our production 'Voices', shall not be available for DVD purchase and will not be released in cinemas. We came to this decision as over the last decade or DVD sales have fallen largely. For example DVD sales fell by 12% in 2015, having already fallen 11% the year before. The DVD will soon be an invention of the past so it would be foolish to hop onto a downward trend. This article from the Guardian perfectly illustrates my point...

Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime on the other hand, are making as much money as they ever have and now is a good time to get on board. In 2015, streaming service NETFLIX had an annual revenue of $8.83 billion, which is over $2 billion more than in 2014. This supports the fact there is more money than ever before in online streaming. Another benefit of releasing our production on these online services is that it's easily accessible on a global scale, there are no geographical boundaries and restrictions like with DVD's and also 'Transmission films' won't need to pay for DVD's to be physically distributed around the world with planes and trucks.

Research has also informed me that major, high budget films dominate the market in terms of DVD sales. Therefore our niche, low budget production would struggle to sell many copies as it will be smothered by more anticipated releases.


What BBFC regulation have we chosen for Voices?


Below is a button linking to the BBFC official website, which we used to decide the classification of our film. It explains in detail the criteria a film needs to meet to be established as a 15 rated film...

Why did we chose a 15 regulation?

After thoroughly examining the BBFC's guidelines, we have regulated our 'Voices' as a 15. This is because of the 'imitable behaviour' of 'Andrew' our protagonist, as a result our movie will not be suitable for persons under 15 years of age. There are scenes of "implied violence" which would identify as a 15 BBFC rating. The fact that we have a 15 BBFC rating means that our piece is more widely available as people don't have to worry about any legal barriers. This is also very good for our distribution company as our target audience is predominantly teenagers. The 15 rating means our audience will have no issue accessing the product.

One problem however is that due to our choice that our product will only be distributed to online streaming companies like HBO and Amazon Prime, is that it is almost impossible to enforce our BBFC rating. In the cinema someone under age will not be allowed into the cinema and if someone under age tries to buy a DVD , they will be asked for ID. Online however, it is very hard to police these regulations, which may be something online streaming services need to address it the near future.

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