Massachusetts. Founded in 1630 saki zapote

John Winthrop was a chief figure among the puritans and was the governor of the Massachusetts bay colony.

John Winthrop had three wive.

He thought it would be a good thing to colonize to escape the religious persecution by king Charles I.

Massachusetts colony's religion was puritan.

With Massachusetts puritan this will lead to the creation to the other New England colonies.

Some people get confused with the puritans belief because there are also people called separatists. Puritans want to clean or by their name purify the catholic church in which was a big authority at the time.

The separatists want to break away from the catholic church.

The eastern side of Massachusetts is flat and the coat is rough because of the last ice age.

Massachusetts has the Freedom Trail near Boston and it goes over The Revolutionary War big points in Massachusetts.

In the west where New Hampshire lies and Vermont are the Appalachian Mountains. This means Massachusetts lies near a mountain range.

The Massachusetts colony mainly focused on ship building, fishing, fur trading, and lumber.

Since this was colonial times women will do house work while the men work in boatyards. blacksmith, taverns, etc.

The children at a certain time will start to learn a trade by going to a business and get an apprenticeship. This is how the time worked and how they maintained order. Before they got a job the children would help around at the house or do childish things.

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