Ancient Rome Travel Guide By: Anita Luna 4/27/17

The location of Ancient Rome was in Italy. Rome is in Europe.

The Geography of Rome is located by the Seven Hills and the Tiber River. Rome’s city is positioned on the eastern banks of river Tiber has a good geographical of 41°, 54’ N and 12° 29’ E. Rome also lies to the west of the Apennine Mountains that forms the backbone of peninsular Italy.

The climate for Ancient Rome is a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers with mild winters.

The two of the largest cities are Zenobia, which controlled vital trade routes to Rome and the other city is Antioch.

Historic sites that are present is the Roman Forum, and that contains monuments and half broken statues.

One thing that entertained the Ancient Romans was the Colosseum, and what happened there was fights Britain gladiators and fights between people and animals were very bloody and wrong. They were small arenas.

Another thing that entertained them was Chariot racing. It was put on at the Circus Maximus. These were put on it large arenas and they were called amphitheaters.

The arts they had were painting and sculpting. Theatre plays were played during religious ceremonies, so they could honor the gods. Typically, the actors were professional and they had to receive pay, at least someone had to pay for this. Just so they could honor the gods, usually wealthy nobles would pay for the play and allow others to come in.

The type of food they ate was either seafood or farm food. Unfortunately, seafood doesn’t exactly fill the people up so they relied on farm food. That was barley, wheat, millet, olive oil and wine.

The wealthy lived in beautiful houses, usually on the hills that were outside of Rome, away from all the noise and terrible smells. They had an amazing lifestyle and were surrounded with servants and slaves to provide food and drinks. They had unique dinner parties and they served their guests exotic and exciting dishes.

The poor lived in the city, run down, dirty and filthy houses that were most likely to collapse or burn at any second!

The families had a father, who was the head of the household, pater familiar which was the father of the family,the wife, their children and other relatives.

They worshiped their gods in a temple, but to others it was a “home” for the gods. Some worshiped outside the temples.

The language that they spoke was Latin and Greek. Other languages were also important. Latin meant language of power.

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