1. What type of text is it? What is its title? Website address?

1.Text type:Poem.

2.Tittle : Let life be beautiful like summer flowers.

3.Website address:

2. Who are the primary and secondary target audience?(age, gender, ethnicity, interests ect.)

1.Primary target : The main target group of this poem is those who like to read poetry.

2.Secondary target: Listeners not keen on military and international disputes

3. What is the text’s primary purpose and secondary purposes?

1.Primary purpose: the poem written by Tagore is mainly to express and describe the emotion of the author.

2.Secondary purposes: tagore's love poem is actually the author of Literary Grace, but also the praise of emotion.

4. What contextual aspects of the text are important?(year, location, political background, economic background, social factors etc.)

Context has a very important influence on poetry, and if the context of poetry is unclear, it is difficult to understand the poetry. So poetry is unimportant in the year and location.

Economic background: poets often have two kinds of poetry may be the expression of emotion, the other is the loss of love. So for poets, if there is no money, the poet will be difficult to create a beautiful poem.

Social factors: the graceful poetry can make the reader have a strong interest in the literature, but also can make the outstanding literary works in the folk circulate.

5. What important language/linguistic devices contribute to the text’s purpose?-register(colloquial, formal, semi-formal, slang), taboo language, emotive language, vague language, jargon, figurative diction, descriptive diction, direct comments, specific details and examples, humour, euphemisms, bias sensationalism, satire, irony,choice of lexis/diction, discourse markers,propaganda, rhetoric etc.

In this poem are mainly used in formal and semi-formal languages. For example, the final sentence of poetry is the combination of formal language and semi formal language. That is “Stray birds of summer come to my window to sing and fly away. And yellow leaves of autumn, which have no songs, flutter and fall there with a sigh.”

Poetry is mainly emotional expression, so in the poem of Let life be beautiful like summer flowers has used a large number of emotional language, which is conducive to expressing emotions..

Figurative rhetoric is also a kind of descriptive technique commonly used in poetry, and the author used a lot of metaphor in this poem. For example, love is likened to cyanobacteria, and regard let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.

6. Is phonology important?(the sounde of language, think onomatopoeia)

Important: phonological is very important for poetry, because poetry should pay attention to the role of phonology. The poem of Tagore pays great attention to the role of phonology. Good phonology can make poetry read catchy. It also helps recite memories and comprehension. Because the graceful poetry is always so catchy. So phonology is very important to poetry.

7. Is syntax important? (sentence length, sentence construction, punctuation)

Yes. Syntax is also important to poetry, and the sentence length of poetry cannot be too long. The poem method of Tagore is comparatively simple, which is more important to the expressing emotion of poetry content. For poets, beautiful poetry is more important to express emotion. The sentence structure also should rhyme neatly, so that the poetry emotion can be fully expressed.

8. Is grammar important? (verb tenses, use of runs, the structure of the sentences)

Yes, Grammar is important to poetry. Because good poetry will be the classic. If there are grammatical errors in the sentences of poetry, it is unfavorable to the reader's language learning.

9. What about pragmatics? (the underlying meaning, the author’s agenda)

Pragmatics is also important for poetry. Because poetry is more of a description of emotion, but also the most embodiment of the values of literary works. In this poem, there is no prejudice to the vocabulary. As an English poem, pragmatics is very important for this poem. Because Tagore's poem is the reader of the people around the world. So how to make language do not misunderstand, this emphasizes the importance of pragmatics.

10. Is typography important? Why?(a text’s layout, presentation, use of paragraphs, lists, ‘bullets’, font choices, underlining, italics, white space, colour etc.)

Important. Typography is important for poetry, The typography of Tagore's poem is very clear. Because the good poetry works need to emphasize the importance of typesetting. This can change the structure of poetry, increase the charm of language. To promote the literary value of poetry.

11. Visual images, charts and graphics?

No. For this poem, these things are not used at all. The poem more important is the language emotion and the auditory emotion convey.

12. Other striking features? Tone? Style? Theme? Etc.

The poem should pay more attention to the style of language.

The structure of the poem should be reasonable, in the whole poem can not appear too long or too short sentences to affect the expression of the emotion of poem.

The theme of the poem is distinct, for a poem to have the theme of praise. Tagore's poem is mainly to express the author's praise for the love of men and women. It is a good love poem.

Tone and style are also important for this love poem. Tone He is too rigid to be conducive to the transmission of love. The style is too monotonous and unfavorable to the expression of emotion.

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