FanDeen Studios A divison of 'Asr Records Group

FanDeen Studios is an in-house recording studio created to expand the distribution side of 'ASR Records Group by Writing, Producing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering. All projects to be distributed exclusively by the label.

Dating back to its inception in 1995 ‘ ASR Records Group has been the pioneer of distributing the music of artists who had finished, mastered recordings but no web presence and no method of bringing their product to the Market.

Now, by offering a full production, recording and mastering experience, aspiring artists can come to us with an idea, song in their heart and the motivation to put in work. FanDeen Studios will take that energy and make your dreams a reality.

FanDeen Studios is not open to the public. This allows us to better support our artists. From your head, to our hearts, to the world. We will bring those ideas to the marketplace using 'ASR Records Group worldwide network of digital distributions and On-Line Marketing & Promotion.

Sooooooo How Does it Work?

Artists who are signed to 'ASR Records Group and choose the production option (which allows the artists full access the FanDeen Studios) will incur no recording costs. 'ASR Records Group and FanDeen Studio staff members will act as Producer and/or Co-Producer and Executive Producer. A percentage of the sales revenue is negotiated. The artist retains his/her copyright and publishing rights for their contribution. The artist books his/her studio time to work on their projects. This agreement removes stress from the process and allows more focus on the art of creativity.

Once the artist's project is completed and mastered, we then shift focus to the Distribution side handled by 'ASR Records Group. We prepare the cover art and liner notes for digital upload. Once uploaded, the artist receives a copy of the Masters* and log-in credentials for access to view sales progress, analysis, and trends.

your art distributed globally your able to view analytics and sales figures.


Presonus: Studio One 5 Professional
Apple: Logic Pro X
Presonus: StudioLive 32.4.2 AI Analog/Digital Mixing Console
Roland: Integra-7 Supernatural Sound Module
Roland: JV-1080 Sound Module
Native Instruments: Komplete Kontrol S88 MKII Controller Keyboard
Roland: Touch Bassline TB-3
Akai Professional: XR-20 Drum Machine
BKE Technologies: BeatThang Drum Machine
Akai Professional: MPC X
Roland: R-8 Human Rhythm Composer
TC-Helicon: VoiceLive RACK Vocal Effects Processor
DigiTech: RP-350 Modeling Guitar Processor
Roland: TD-11K Electronic V-Drum Kit w/TD-11 Drum Sound Module
JBL EON 515: Monitors

FanDeen Studios has made every effort to obtain what we believe is the finest combination of hardware, software, and studio tools to produce a world class sound. We use many of the industry names you know; such as Presonus, Roland, Korg, and Native Instruments.

Some of the instruments and studio tools available


It isn’t necessary to fire up a lot of gear to complete a project. Studio B is a quick comprehensive Daw-less solution. This room doesn’t skimp on Gear or sacrifice quality or technology. This room can be a place to lay down a quick idea, program a beat or reference track. maybe do a voiceover project or a podcast. If need be theres a M1 Mac computer and a multi input interface for recording, mixing editing and your mastering work. You have full access and capabilities of the Logic Pro X and or Studio One 5 Professional.

Roland: Fantom 8
Rear Pannel
Native Instruments: Maschine +
Roland: Voice Transformer VT-4
Presonus: AR16c Digital Mixer and/or USB C Interface
Apple: M1 Mac Mini
Peavy: PR12 Monitors (unpowered)
Rear Panel

*any future use of masters for marketing, promotion, or release for sale 'ASR Records Group & FanDeen Studios must be notified for compensation and logistical purposes.

ASR Records Group / FanDeen Studios. 7914 Hardy, Raytown Missouri 64138 8162044289 / 8169122840 Fax

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Created By
Richard White