Noodle By: Keisha Schneider

the cops came

we're the only ones still here

the paramedics come too

with their scissors and gauze

Tariq's blood gets on me

that makes it realer

Tariq was a hot mess

but it hurts now

the cops come

cops shift and mutter

i wonder if they know we were high

Jennica leans against me

lays a bloody hand on the skin of my arm

The white guy did it

Tariq didn't have a gun

what do i care if the cops get the story straight

why didn't he pull the trigger

he coulda saved himself

maybe i do take it back

he had it coming

but it didnt have to come

cops hand us paperwork asking us to sign it

Tariq shoulda smoked that cracker

then we coulda bugged out all together

woulda spared us all a lot of trouble

words borrowed from How It Went Down by Kekla Magoon


Created with images by PrzemekBe - "radegast holocaust boat" • Highway Patrol Images - "3 x Ambulance Service NSW Mercedes Benz Sprinter Ambulances" • Packie_s - "IMG_8029.jpg" • MSVG - "Hunting for a Gunman" • familymwr - "Medal of Honor - Staff. Sgt. Salvatore Giunta - United States Army - 101116" • Monoar - "gun bullet pistol" • Karen_Nadine - "angel wings grave"

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