A Seniors First Semester By: Markieras Jackson

Why did you take Advanced Art? I'm Taking advanced art because I love Art. It's my stress relief, a big part of my happiness, and so much more. In this class I can learn and grow creatively making a productive use of my time and energy.

What were you expecting to do or learn? This year all I really wanna work with is clay. It's a new medium and so far I've become familiar enough to be able to draw a subject and now create it in clay.

What piece(s) are you most proud of that you have completed this year? (Include an image of the project.)This would be a tie between my two clay projects so far. My red panda was my first bigger sculpture that I was able to create and the other, I was able to create from a drawing I personally made.

In what ways has your art improved this year? My art has improved mostly in detail. It may take a bit longer but I try to put in as much detail as possible, giving it a cleaned up and polish look as the hopeful result. Besides that, I think I'm able to make it closer to what it being created from. For an example, if I was to use a picture to draw from, it would look more like the picture than last years work.

Which project do you wish you were able to re-do or have more time on? Why? How would you do it differently? (Include an image of the project.) My panda. No second thought about it. I love it but I wish I actually planned it out so the process would have moved quicker and that I would have tested the glazes. I wanted to have more time to fix his eyes, make his tailmore defined from his body. In the end, he didn't explode but he did have a crack and hopefully I can find a way to avoid that in the future.

In what artistic behaviors do you do you think you have demonstrated the most improvement? Planning and Researching and possibly Developing new Art making skills.

Explain in detail how you have demonstrated them in the course of your work. Include at least one image to backup your claims. For planning and research, last year I mainly just saw something and went ahead and tried to create it. This year though, especially in clay, I have been taking more notice and care with it. My most recent project is a clay creation of a drawing I made. I've been told for the past two years or so that I need to make my own character, since I like to recreate others so much, to avoid copyright issues. With this I drew him out, paid attention to smaller details and even drew side and back views of him. Since I did this I was able to actually see what I needed, the materials I would need, and could pick out the tools I would need to use. This actually helped speed up my process in the long run, making my work efficient and less time consuming. In developing art making skills I will use my other clay sculpture as an example. My other clay sculpture was the Red panda I created. This project I should have done better on planning and research, because it took over four months to create and since I didn't test out glazes, he came out a different color than I intended. I am still proud of it, but I view it as a project where I got to improve on art making skills and learned new tricks with clay. With this project there was a lot of texture involved, so I got to use different tools and methods to create them.

Set a goal (or goals) for your artwork and this class for next semester. What would you like to accomplish? Is there a media you would like to become proficient in? Specific kinds of works you want to create? Something new you want to try? As a goal for next semester I think I wanna get back into acrylics. I realized I haven't actually done any since last year and I kind of miss it. Kinda shaky about it but I was thinking maybe portraits? I'm horrible at skin tones and thought it'd be a good skill to accomplish. I also want to try natural landscapes and close ups. Then after maybe take another shot at water colors.

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