CEOx1Day at Janssen Deng Jing, a 4th-year Engineering & Business Management double degree student from SUTD shadowed Ong Ai Hua, Company Group Chairman, Asia Pacific, the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.

"I am Deng Jing, currently a final year student doing a double degree in Engineering and Business Management under the SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Programme. I was assigned to shadow Ms Ong Ai Hua, Chairman of Janssen Asia Pacific. As I have always been interested in the healthcare industry, this opportunity was truly invaluable to me. Though it was merely one day, I got to experience the culture of not just Janssen, but J&J as a whole.

Ms Ong is a really charismatic leader! Having attended a few meetings together with her, I have realised that she is very open-minded and she values input from everyone. In the meetings, everyone was free to speak their mind. I believe Ms Ong really leads through the energy that she carries with her. From the way she speak, to the way she greets everyone along the corridors, spirits were lifted and it is obvious that she is driven by her passion. Through this experience, I have also learnt that the way she motivates people is also through trust. She first trust that everyone wants to do their best, and therefore it is the optimism that the employees are feeling which motivates them to give their best. All in all, I was really inspired by her and the like-minded people from Janssen and I believe they do share a common vision for the company."

About Deng Jing

Having a natural flair for problem solving in engineering and business, Deng Jing once participated in an NUS Business Case Competition where she crafted and presented business model on solving real world problem in Cambodia within 24 hours, achieving 2nd place in group category. Deng Jing had also successfully raised $20,000 for Yellow Ribbon Programme through various projects within 8 months under Citi-YMCA Youth for Causes. Deng Jing’s academic excellence in SUTD’s Engineering Product Development earned her a place in the SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Scholarship Program (awarded only to top 10%) where she is also pursuing her Bachelor of Business Management in SMU.


Odgers Berndtson

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