Agriculture Project John gintz

Humans have learned over the years and have learned how to domesticate many plants and animals now we can have almost any type of food during any season. We started out hunters and gathers. Then we found out that we can domesticate plants and animals for farming after a while we started to do that a lot more(first agricultural revolution). Then the industrial revolution started now we have more people living in towns and cities than out at farms. The second agricultural revolution is when we started using tractors and power tools. Then finally the third revolution is where we started using GMOs and we have giant factories.

This is one of the first crops that we domesticated and grew as humans it is also it is from the first agricultural revolution.
How can we get this during the winter?

Most of the fruits and vegetables we get are shipped all the way around the world and then the food is filled with preservatives so that they look like they were just picked and are perfectly safe to eat most of the time the safest food is the food that says that it is non-GMO, if it is grown locally, or if it is during the season where that type of food is growing. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms it is when we pick the more desirable genes and throw out the less desirable genes so that me can make plants immune to weed killer and we can do the same things with animals so that they can be more nutritious and it can make the plants and animals grow faster. a

The first agricultural revolution

  • It started around 10,000 BC to 2,000 BC
  • It was a transition from hunting and gathering to farming
  • This is where humans started domesticating plants and animals

The second agricultural revolution

  • It started in Western Europe
  • People started using plows, seed drills, and horse collars
  • People started using crop rotation four-course system
  • This revolution improved efficiency

The third/green agricultural revolution

  • New inventions and methods
  • Using science to create new methods for farming
  • Using gas powered tractors
  • Reduced number of workers
  • More land and increased yields
  • GMO´s


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