Journey Log Reflection A look at this semester

Jared Gentry

Jay Gent

Journey log reflection


After a full semester and 10 written journey logs, I reviewed my progress throughout this course to best analyze the effect that the learned material had on my writings and overall satisfaction with the class. Upon looking at the first journey log, I immediately recognized how much longer this one was than my last few, mainly because I was worried about covering everything. Over the semester I discussed most of the creative habits of the mind due to the significance of all of them in certain situations. I found myself using metacognition, persistence, responsibility, and flexibility the most, as they helped me always ensure I was writing good, challenging pieces.


Out of these 4, I consider metacognition to be the most useful habit. Think about it; literally, what you write is what you think. You cannot write good work until you analyze where your thoughts go during the brainstorming and writing process. I believe every writer should use this technique before they even start typing or writing anything, as well as throughout the revision process.


I used metacognition for almost all of my creative pieces in order to ensure i was creating solid work. The way i used metacognition also tied in with flexibility. New demands or requirements for certain assignments forced me to change m thinking habits to maximize success. Flexibility is a key habit in order to make sure you are doing everything required for the assignment, and can prevent being stuck on challenging tasks or failures.


I would like to believe that I achieved a pretty decent balance of persistence and flexibility during this course. If it's good, stick with it. If it's bad, change it. Simple as that. I probably would not have finished many of my projects if I was not my persistent with my effort and the positive qualities of my writing. Persistence is also a very important habit of mind because being persistent with all of the other habits of the creative mind allowed me to actually see progress in my work.


This is another huge habit of mind. You gotta get shit done. There's no way around it. As a student I (more like my parents) are paying thousands of dollars to take classes that I am expected to do well in. The stakes are high if I am not able to take responsibility for my actions and the completion of assignments. Responsibility has allowed me to complete all of the required journey logs, raids, and builds; most of them turning out pretty good. The combination of these four creative habits can really make you, well, creative. I feel like these 4 helped me the most because I was able to find the best balance in them. The implementation of these creative habits changed my writing process and has allowed me to be more conscious of my work

Evolution of Journey Logs/ Writing skills

When looking back at my journey logs, I noticed an incredibly boring trend of just discussing what we did in class and whether I liked it or not. I was writing a bunch but it never had too much detail for the first few journey logs. As the semester progressed, however, I began taking alternative routes to discuss what we did in class, focusing on observing the reason behind each assignment and class activity. I definitely noticed a more determine attitude as the journey logs progressed, Probably due to me getting the hang of it and not wanting to spend more than 45 minutes to an hour on these. This determination to finish quickly increased my creativity and led to deep analysis of my writing habits and skills. I also developed a weekly trend of making rap-like songs and/or poems depending on whether I was the Mage or Bard class. The quality of these songs definitely improved throughout the course as I got the hang of it and started becoming more interested in the journey logs. I believe the combination of the implementation of the Creative habits of mind and Chris's unique instructing approach has allowed me to become a better writer and reader.


Being a moderate minecraft player when I was a younger kid, I was extremely excited when Chris told us his plans for our assignments this semester. Although I had played on the xbox and have never been too fond of PC gaming, I enjoyed minecraft throughout the whole year. I eventually grew to love the PC version even more as I re-learned controls and my old building techniques. This is by far the most creative approach to a class I personally have ever seen and it was pretty amazing to learn and have fun at the same time. The progression of the difficulty of minecraft assignments involving the creation of simple structures to heavier/more detailed builds prevented anyone from becoming too overwhelmed with the game. I feel like the timeline of everything was handled very smoothly and allowed for such transition.

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