Zac Wallen ENGINEERING portfolio

To start this

To start off the project me and my group started to design barrel supports so the canon doesn't move away from each other and doesn't move up and down.

After we made the design of the support it was time to cut the PVC pipes and start the construction of the actual cannon.

With the 4ft long tube that we used for the firing tube we had to place connectors (elbows) on one side of it to connect it to the valve, or the piece that we used to connect the the battery for power and to tell it to shoot.

After connecting the elbow onto the pipe we connected a piece of pipe that had a part that you could screw something onto it and that is what we did.

With the green tube that we used we were able to connect it by screwing it on but we had to but a super thin, super long piece of tape (the red circle in the photo) around the part that we screwed in. Once we messed up on the tape we could not use it again so we had to unravel it and restart with another one.

After we were done constructing the cannon which i sadly don't have a photo of I then began to drill a hole in the pipe which i then put a bike valve into it where we would then put the pressurized air into it when necessary.

Once we were done putting the last part of the cannon on we then began the design process of the towers.

With that basic design we then trashed it because it was not gonna work the way we wanted it to in the long run.

After the first design fell through we then began to design the next one. We came up with a good design that would hold the cannon in place and fire the tennis ball pretty far.

When we got our design all planed out we started using trigonometry to help us figure out how may inches up we needed to make the holes so we can put the two parts of the cannon in the holes.

This was the end result of me figuring out the trigonometry and my team knowing where to put the holes for our cannon.

we then began to plan out our designs on the white board arranging where everything is gonna go, how it is goinna look when it is cut out and how much room we needed for each part

After we planned it out on the board i then began to draw it out on our actual board

We ended up not having a big enough piece of wood so Mr. Twilly ended up going to lows or home depot and got us a 4 by 8 piece of wood that we then had enough room to cut all of our pieces comfortably (sadly the video wont upload)

After our pieces of wood were cut out of the 4 by 8 we we unscrewed the extra wood off of the table and vacuumed up the saw dust.

After we took our pieces off the table we sanded them down and began to construct the towers.

It took multiple days to construct the towers because we had to wait for the glue to dry

We connected the pieces and finished the building of the towers.

When we were done constructing the towers we went outside on the back field for the first day and started shooting the cannon and collecting data for the game.

After the first day we came back 2 days later and started shooting on the tennis court and my team ended up getting the highest score of all the classes.

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