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The UofN uses the word “Centre” in a restricted sense to refer to a worldwide network of persons and locations in which well-defined interdisciplinary missions objectives are facilitated, communicated, resourced, researched and organized.

The University of the Nations Centres facilitate and integrate international resources and personnel from various Colleges, groups and organizations, either outside or within YWAM, to accomplish specific mission objectives. Integration is based upon an operating agreement established between the Centre and the various groups and organizations. This agreement defines and describes how the parties plan to work together on specific projects.

Each Centre typically performs research, develops and makes available seminars, workshops, appropriate reference materials and monitoring procedures related to its objectives. Also, the Centre may develop and organize a foundational school which presents the rudiments and overview of a specific Centre’s mandate. This school is not to exceed 24 full learning weeks (including the field assignment).

Centres do NOT offer degrees, but they do work with the Colleges/Faculties to develop degree programmes related to their areas of expertise. Specialized courses and degree programmes related to the Centre’s mandate are offered within the seven Colleges. Currently there are six functional international centres in the University of the Nations.

Community Development & Justice Centre

The Community Development & Justice Centre (CDC) promotes a long-term integrated approach to transformation of communities, cities, and nations. The phrases “community development,” “community transformation,” and “nation building” have become commonplace in many parts of the world today. Yet true change at the community, city, regional or national level begins with personal change, including changes in ways of thinking. Changed individuals and communities become agents of transformation at broader levels, making sustainable development a desirable vision that becomes a present reality. Transformation ultimately takes place as a result of changes of the heart and mind when confronted with truth, evidence of the transforming power of the Gospel.

The Community Development School, workshops, seminars, resources, and consulting offered by the CDC are designed to facilitate personal and community-wide transformation in every sphere of society. To that end, the DEV:

• Offers instruction concerning biblical worldview and development principles and practice at both the undergraduate and graduate levels through seminars, workshops, outreaches, internships, and the Community Development Schools;

• Integrates multiple disciplines, encouraging coordination of people, programmes, and resources within YWAM/UofN and other organizations and communities in pursuit of common objectives;

• Acts as a catalyst for discovering God’s view and intentions for lasting change in individuals and communities as revealed through His Word, using conversations, group discussions, and other forms of training and interaction;

• Consults with students about opportunities for service and further training in areas of community development and transformation.

We have training in the following areas:

Community Development Seminar

Community Development School & Field Assignment

Advanced Community Development School & Field Assignment

International Director & Committee

International Director: Christine Colby

International Committee Members:



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