The Alchemist visual/textual essay

“Well, usually I learn more from my sheep than from books,” (5)

In this quote Santiago is being asked why he can read when he is a shepherd. he can read because he grew up on the path to becoming a priest, but when he was studying to be a priest he decided to be a shepherd. and he is now saying that he learned more while working and taking care of his sheep.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” (23)

This quote is saying that if someone really wants something and is willing to work for it that the world will want to help them accomplish it. to achieve that goal you must work hard, but if you work hard then it will be easy to accomplish that goal.

“If you start out by promising what you don’t even have yet, you’ll lose your desire to work toward getting it.” (25)

This quote wants people to work hard for what they want, because if they don't they will never actually get it even if they feel they have. in today's society many people feel like they are guaranteed certain things in life when they actually need to work for it. This quote is telling people not to be entitled because if you are then you will lose your will to work for you goals.

He realized that he could… Sense whether a person was near to or far from his personal legend. Just by looking at them It’s easy… (45)

In this quote Santiago had been robbed of the money he needed to get to Egypt, so he started to look around at the city and take everything in. as he was looking around he saw a candy maker and realized that that man wasn't a candy maker so that he could be rich but because it was what he wanted to do. Knowing when you are close to or far from your personal legend is very important when chasing you dreams.

We have to take advantage when luck is on our side, and do as much to help it as it’s doing to help us. It’s called the principle of favorability. Or beginner’s luck. (50)

This quote wants people to realize when luck is with them they need to use it or they won't get any help with what they want to do. People need to take advantage of when they have the universe helping them, and if they don't then they will lose their opportunity to follow their dreams

It’s true; life really is generous to those who pursue their personal legend,…(176)

in this quote Santiago has just completed his journey, and found the treasure that he had been searching for. Santiago had put everything he had into pursuing his personal legend, and after finding what he had searched for for so long he realized that the universe had put as much effort as he put into his search to help him.


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